15th Annual SJA Fashion Show to Premier

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modelsST. JOHNSBURY- This year marks the 15th annual fashion show for the design students at the St. Johnsbury Academy. Designers have been hard at work putting the finishing touches on their garments for the big night happening on Thursday. Design teacher Emma Charrow says the design program started 20 years ago when then teacher Mrs. Wallace was in charge. 


Charrow adds that students design a collection based on a theme, this years being 'Modern Menagerie'. "They design a whole collection, they turn in the collection. I pick a piece of each collection, whether it's day-wear. I think we did two day-wear, a cocktail dress, an evening gown, and a wedding gown."

In addition to the milestone fashion show, Charrow is celebrating her first year as design teacher. It's a role she holds close to her heart, "It's fantastic to give students this opportunity and it's so exciting for me to share that with students as somebody who was a student in the program. To then be like I know it's so frustrating. Redoing this seam again and again and getting the fit right, I know how stressful it is and I know how hard it is."

Charrow adds that her experience adds to her ability to help her students. "But when you see it go down that runway and you're like 'hey I did that, that's a thing that I did.' That was an idea in my head that has now come to fruition and now is here and is being worn by somebody is incredible, it's nuts."

She feels a great sense of pride being able to help her students grow, "seeing it as an alumni, I have that pride from being in the program . But also like being their teacher and having a part is like I'm so proud of them."

All that pride and hard work will be showcased tomorrow night at 6pm in Fueller Hall.