Vegan Cooking Demonstration

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Cooking Thumbnail 2ST. JOHNSBURY-This past sunday a vegan cooking demonstration was given at the Caledonia Christian School.

These demonstrations started back in January, and so far three different cooking demontrations have happened. By doing these demonstrations, those who run this program hope to educate locals in the area on the importance of nutrition and having a healthy diet. 

At this demonstration Mary Knott and Doctor Jerry Raakin were able to share videos and explain from recent studies that having a vegan diet is actually better for your health overall.

"I particularly enjoy preventative nutrition, so trying to to get people before they become sick and teaching them how they can avoid becoming sick. With the typical western chronic diseases like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, and many others. And they have found, studies have found that the plant based diet is proven to be the best for your health." said Mary Knott.

Doctors are also getting behind this vegan diet lifestyle. A retired surgeon from NVRH was able to offer some more insight onto why vegan diets are more benficial to our health.

"So I had a heart attack six months ago and if you had told me a year ago that I would be interested in a cooking class, I would have laughed in your face for five to ten minutes. Cause, it sounded so foreign to the western diet that I was used to eating. You know, cheeseburgers, meats all of those things. So I didn't consider the likelihood of a plant based diet until I had my heart attack, and became conviced after that, that what you eat does determine a lot for your health." said Doctor Jerry Raakin.

In total, four different dishes were made at this program by the speakers. There were baked chickpeas, garden salad with oil free dressing, vegan chilli, and rice pudding for dessert. After the cooking demonstrations were given, participants of this program were able to try these dishes out themselves. Recipes were also available for these particpants after the program ended.

Mary hopes to have at least one more vegan cooking demonstration before spring is over. Anyone who is interested in attending this demonstration should get into contact with the Caledonia Christian School to reserve a spot at the next cooking demonstration.