The Shooter and the Wounded

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st j. police searchST. JOHNSBURY - The St. Johnsbury Police Department responded to a report of gun shots on Elm Street early in the morning on Tuesday, April 2nd. The shots were heard at 12:50 AM and Calex ambulance was on scene to transport twenty-four year old Brandon Delude to NVRH medical center for two gunshot wounds to the lower back. However, Delude would not spend much time there, for he was quickly airlifted and brought to the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center so that he could be treated for his injuries and given a psych evaluation from their trauma department when his wounds were treated.

The shooter was identified later on that day as Arthur Butler, a seventeen year old of St. Johnsbury. An eye-witness to the altercation states that Butler had pulled a gun on Delude while the two were having a very loud arguement in the street at 12:30 in the morning. Once the gun was pulled, Delude rushed Butler and attempted to take the gun away from him by tackling Butler to the ground. It was during this interaction that the gun went off and both parties fell to the ground. "I could hear the arguement from my building, and I decided to go out on the balcony to see what was going on," explained Christian Haines, a St. Johnsbury resident who lives on Elm Street, "a few minutes later I heard gun shots, both of them fell on the ground, one guy pushed the other off of him and ran."


Arthur Butler was picked up by John Emerson, an aqcuaintance of the shooter, and they were both spotted fleeing the scene in a white Toyota Carolla. The two were at large for some time, however it was reported that both Butler and Emerson turned themselves in to the Westminster State Police Barracks shortly after a warrant was released for their arrest. It is unclear at this time what charges will be put forth against them. Even moreso, it is still unclear what Brandon Delude's condition is as well, no new statements have been made. "There was an altercation, and it resulted in one party being shot twice," said St. Johnsbury Police Chief Tim Page, "Currently, Delude is being cared for at the Darmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, we are still unsure what his condition is at this time, however in cases like this, sometimes no news can be good news, it means that no one has died yet.