Bears Are Here

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ST.JOHNSBURY - Spring has officially sprung and we are not the only ones coming out for the warmer weather. Black bears are starting to leave their dens. Which is why The Vermont Fish and Wildlife is advising that people remove their bird feeders.

Not only for their sake, but for the bears sake as well.
"You should secure all food items things like trash so they don't become reliant and be in residential areas where they shouldn't be." Says Game Warden Cody Jackman.
This is not a requirement by law, but it is heavily encouraged so that problems do not arise.
"You got to imagine what it's like for the bears they're in their dens all winter and they are coming out now an they are famished. They are forging, they are following their nose to your backyard." Says Game Warden Mark Schichtle.
As far as removal of a bothersome bear. State law requires that you try several methods before getting rid of the bear by yourself. This means removing food sources, scaring the bear, contacting your local game warden among other techniques that can be found on the Vermont Fish and Wildlifes website.