New Funeral Home proposed for Industrial Zone

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Funeral Home

ST.JOHNSBURY- St.Johnsbury may soon be seeing a new funeral home, but it would be in a place that may seem uncommon. The St.Johnsbury select-board met Monday night and one of the topics brought to the select-board was from St.Johnsbury planning commissioner, Jim Brown. The plan is to build a new funeral home in the Industrial Parkway in St.Johnsbury.
One concern the board had was the proposed funeral home would have a associated residence with it. Board Chair,Tim Angell was worried about what would happen down the line if the owner decided to sell the property. The concern was if one could be sold without the other.

Another concern was how can a funeral home be properly defined to clarify why the funeral home and residence would be there.Brown said Industrial Zones are meant for facilities that deal with hazardous material, which funeral homes also do. Brown. also said ,"All the preparation, which happen in an orderly and proper fashion, versus not being there in a timely way, with all of the things that happen with the deceased person and families of the deceased and all the other things. I'm getting the basic understanding that is why they wanted the residence there."

Town Manager, Chad Whitehead backed up that reasoning by saying "I would say most funeral homes , I believe have some sort of residence unit in them. I'm not real familiar with funeral home business, but I don't think it's uncommon to have some type of caretaker or some sort of unit associated with it, that lives at the funeral home itself, so maybe that is something that can be incorporated in the funeral home definition.

The board had decided to table any further discussion until the proposal could be amended with the new definition of funeral home, and the word associated with being changed to attached. This would force the buildings to have to be sold together if they were to sell later down the line.