St. Johnsbury and Act 46

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stjschoolST. JOHNSBURY - Since last year, we as a state have seen a very large concentration of school districts unifying under Act 46.  Since that time in the Caledonian County, the Kingdom East Unified School District, and the Caledonia Central Supervisory Union have formed and are off and running for the 2018-19 schoolastic year.


Recently however, a question has arisen regarding the St. Johnsbury school, that has decided to stay neutral and remain it's own sovereign district due to its exemption from Act 46 due to the size of its student body. Although they have been able to maintain their individual district, they are still very much under the eye of the State Board of Education, who released a newsletter back in June outlining the changes that the state has seen since Act 46 was instituted. This Newsletter contained a section that outlined potential ideas that the State Board had to better each school districts situation. For the Caledonia county, they suggested that either Kingdom East or the CCSU absorb St. Johnsbury into their unified districts, an option that neither district thought was a good idea.


Jennifer Botzojorns, the Superintendent for the Kingdom East School District, beleived that the suggestion would not work out welll with the dynamic that they have been working so hard to build over the past year. "It is not like we have anything against St. Johnsbury, they are a wonderful school with an amazing faculty and student body, we do however strongly beleive that it would not be a good idea for them to join the Kingdom East District. - we have worked very hard over the past year to get to a postion where every school is adequately represented; accepting the St. Johnsbury school would completely change the dynamic and create an even larger network of planning and research that no one would be able to properly attend to."

Dr. Mattew G. Forest, the Superintendent for the Caledonain Central Supervisory Union, added to this in another interview where he outlined the issues with St. Johnsbury joining thier district, not only with staff and transparency among schools within the first few months of unification, but also the size of the school compared with other schools within the CCSU. Dr. Forest outlined that the size of the St. Johnsbury and any of the other schools within the CCSU is almost too much of a difference in the number of Students and Faculty for their to be a cohesive bond amongst them.

Of course, the idea that St. Johnsbury join one of the other unified districts was just that, an idea/ suggestion for how the school districts could move forward. At the time being, it would seem that the St. Johnsbury school is in no rush to join a unified distrtict, nor have they voiced an incentive or need to do so.