Multi Ice Sheet Rink Proposed in St. Johnsbury

GMMST. JOHNSBURY— A new study is out about a proposal for a multi ice sheet arena in St. Johnsbury. The study was completed by MacLaughlin Management and Design.


The study was completed to show if such a thing could be done in the town.

One of the proposed locations for the rink is the Green Mountain Mall on Route 5.

"They are thinking of doing it on the property," said Darcie McCann, the Northeast Kingdom Chamber of Commerce Director. "There is a number of acres on the north side that they would probably put the rink."

The mall does house several recreation based businesses.

"Anything that is athletic goes well with us," said Matt Wells, owner of Fitness Unbound. "So you start talking like hockey teams, figure skating stuff like that, you all still need to train in the offseason. And obviously you can't keep the ice year round."

Other proposed locations for the ice rink include the former location of the drive in movie area north of the St. Johnsbury Country Club, The Temper Lot off Concord Ave, and two areas on Bay Street.

Multi Ice Sheet Rink Proposed in St. Johnsbury from NewsLINC on Vimeo.

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