New and Improved Kiwanis Auction

kiwanis poolST. JOHNSBURY- The annual Kiwanis Auction has once again come to an end. For the second year in a row, the auction was held in an online format verses the live televised auction that took place for 66 years.

Wes Ward, former president of the club and current member, says that the online auction has worked out well for the group after some improvements were made to the system.

"It went much better than this year than it did last year as far as the items. We had more items and we were a little more use to the online portion of it."

It takes roughly $50,000 a year to operate the Kiwanis pool for the St. Johnsbury community. And Ward has a deep connection to the pool and to the community it serves.

"I grew up here in St. Johnsbury, and as a child I use to swim in the pool, and my whole family used the swimming pool, and we all learned how to swim there. So I wanted to make sure it stays going for a long time," said Ward.

Fundraisers like these are crucial to keeping the pool open each season.