St. Johnsbury Sewer Lines

st. j sewer thumbnailST. JOHNSBURY - Oak Street in St. Johnsbury recently had a full remodeling of its water, sewer, and storm drainage pipes that outflow the passumpsic river; a project that was "long overdue" according to the town government. Moving forward, the selectboard plans to continue to other streets in the immediate vicinity that are in need of new wastewater lines.
The streets that are in the planning phase of the continued project include Pleasant Street, as well as Concord and Gilman Avenue. All of these roads are in the immediate area of Oak street, so planning and construction will not include moving to a new area that has not already been surveyed. The only challenge for the selectboard is getting voter approval.
Due to the nature of the project, the funding must come from grants, loans, and taxpayer dollars, a struggle for many town and city projects. Chad Whitehead, the Town Manager of St. Johnsbury, is optimistic about voter support in terms of funding the project. "With a project like this, it is all for the sake of helping the town and ensuring that the wastewater lines are fixed before any major issues occur," he explained, "These are projects that in hindsight should have been looked at and taken care of long ago. The reality is that we are dealing with them now, and we cannot move forward without the town resident's support."
The wastewater lines are only part of a much larger project that focuses on the upkeep of St. Johnsbury, and the sewer lines only make up a small fraction of what is said to be an overall $80 Million project. "Honestly, I didn't think that I would see an end to these projects of taking care of St. J, I figured that I'd be long gone before I could see a finish line; but these projects are important for the town, and they are crucial to our continuing advancement as a Vermont town." Whitehead said.
With this in mind, Whitehead said that informational letters were set to be sent to residents informing them of what the selectboard intends for the coming projects. It is also important to know that these wastewater projects would not be occurring until the earliest schedule of next spring. However, it is important for residents to stay informed, so they can make an informed decision come voting day.

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