Depot Street Park, Main Street Grant

st. j commerceST. JOHNSBURY - The Chamber of Commerce for the town of St. Johnsbury has received a vermont grant which they intend to use to revitalize the Depot Square park. The Main Street Grant which the town received from the National Life Group Foundation, and the Vermont Community Foundation, as part of a state-wide grant program.

The main use of the grant is to allow for towns to pay for important and necessary utilities for their more populated areas. The grants includes funding for signs to guide visitors through downtowns, as well as the renovation of community centers, and updating a performance spaces of historical significance. Beth Rusnock, president of the National Life Foundation said, "We're delighted to be able to support the exciting things happening in Vermont downtowns, the projects that we'll help fund will drive the local economy, support local culture and help to foster the civic pride that Vermonters take in their communities."
The St. Johnsbury Chamber was very excited to receive their grant which will help fund past projects proposed for the Depot Square park that were not able to be carried to fruition. Tara Holt, the Director of the Chamber, had a lot to say about the project. "With the $20,000 dollar grant, we will be able to carry out a lot of good projects that we had to give up on in the past," she explained, "there have been other park projects that included items that we wanted to see completed, but due to a lack of funding we were not able to complete these tasks. Now that we have the funding, we are planning to add signs to the park directing visitors to where important sights are in town. We will also be creating bike racks for travelers from the rail trail; and, because we are a town of pet lovers, we are planning to add a water fountain that will have three levels, a normal height fountain, one at handicapped height, and a low water fountain meant for hydrating animals out on walks with their owners.
Mrs. Holt is very excited for the project, and she says that there are a lot of ideas that she would like to look into that would improve the area, as well as residential and visitor experiences to the downtown area. "This coupled with other projects that we have in the works should really revitalize the downtown area here in St. Johnsbury. I am very happy that I will get the chance to make our town better, and thanks to this grant the project will not need any additional funding from the town or residents in the area."


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