Twilight Players Murder Mystery Evening

mystery evening  2018-02-14 at 7.49.33 PMST. JOHNSBURY - The Lyndon State College's Twilight Players had their Murder Mystery Evening this past Saturday night at the Catamount Arts in St. Johnsbury. The play was based off of a singles bar in New York City and took place inside of a bar on St. Patrick's Day.


The evening was an improvisation; a theatrical show that is a complete mystery to the actors as far as how it plays out. Actors do not have scripts, so typically they have to go along with what was happening around them and make up the lines they said as they went along. They would make up these lines based around their characters.


For some of the student actors, this was their first improv ever, and it was a new experience for them.


"There were moments when we were practicing where people would just get so into their characters that they would do things that would just fit so well with their characters, it was just kind of like 'wow I get to hang out with these people and work on awesome projects like this,'" said actress Rachel Saucher.


Jake Mead, another actor in the group, had some previous experience with improvs. He played the bar owner who was running his 13th restaurant, and has a horrible track record at running a business. Throughout the night he kept trying to get an investment from the people that attend singles night in order to keep his business running.


"I'm glad I have this and I'm glad that I get to come to rehearsal and be with my friends every day.  It's kind of an excuse to hang out and have fun," Mead said.


Members of the community were able to take part in the event as well.



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