St. Johnsbury Academy Theater Host Drama Festival

dramathumbnailST. JOHNSBURY- The theater at St Johnsbury Academy is preparing their one act play from Shakespeare's A Mid-Summer Nights Dream to compete against other schools in Vermont at the Regional Drama Festival.



The theater has named their one act play Mischief in the Woods. Michael Hazard, a freshman who plays Oberon, describes the play as a bunch of chaos. "This play is essentially about this realm of fairies which cast spells and really just cause chaos on anyone who comes into their realm. There are these four lovers that are interchanged with each other and the fairies." Rebecca Robertson, the stage manager says, "It's Titania and Oberon's story when Oberon makes Titania fall in love with Nick Bottom, who turned into a donkey and how that all plays out when she falls in love with him."

Liz Gilmartin, a junior who is playing Puck, says the act focuses in on the fairies, "It focuses a lot around the fairies, you'll see especially with the makeup with the fairies is very detailed, a lot went into the costuming than a lot of other shows that would do this." Gilmartin says the fairies in the show all have different personalities and in other shows you may see them more as a unit than individuals.

Not only is the school competing in the Vermont Regional Drama Festival, but they are hosting it. Robertson says, "We're hosting festival this year so five different schools are coming here to perform their one act shows. And it's a competition so we all pick two shows to go onto states." Robertson explained yesterday was not only a dress rehearsal day, "because we're hosting we have to decorate the classrooms for the different schools, clean backstage, and make the whole place look tidy and ready."

If the school is chosen, they will advance to the State Drama Festival and the students are hopeful that they will move on. Gilmartin said, "Honestly it would be amazing because I would get to spend more time with these people, and to have another shot to make it better. Just the fact the fact that we'd get to continue because after a performance you usually go 'aw dang I wish I'd done that."

Gilmartin's favorite part of theater is the different roles, "I think it's cool that you have this basis of a play and that you're acting but that you get different roles thrown at you, so you have lots of different experiences as those characters. I think it's really fun and really cool because it's like 'oh today I get to be a fairy and tomorrow I can be someone traveling the world." Hazard says he loves the community around it, "I love the costumes, the makeup. I feel like everyone should be able to experience this once in their life."

The Vermont State Drama Festival will be held on April 6th and 7th in Springfield, Vermont.


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