Deer Run in at Rec Fit


ST. JOHNSBURY - RecFit in St. Johnsbury had an unexpected visitor on Saturday morning. At about 11:30, a deer broke through a window on the first floor and ran into the lobby area of the gym.

Radha Heath, a member of the gym was in the parking lot when she witnessed the incident unfold. "I saw a deer running in the parking lot, then it started running toward the gym." She stated that the deer seemed to be in shock or was scared before smashing through the window.

"We were sitting at the front desk and all of a sudden we heard a loud bang. The next thing we knew, a deer was running right by our faces," said RecFit employee Julia Kearney.

Jeremey Polonia, another RecFit employee says he was renewing a customer's membership when the deer entered the building. Polonia wasn't sure what was happening until the deer ran by him. After his boss and the St. Johnsbury Police Department arrived, they tried to find a way to get the deer out safely.

"We tried to figure out what to do without hurting the deer, or euthanizing it, or even tranquilizing it," said Polonia.

Kearney said the deer came through the window, jumped over the front desk, and was running through the lobby. The deer ended up going downstairs, where it got itself stuck in dead space near the cardio room, and proceeded to ram the glass walls until it laid down from exhaustion. The deer was there for an hour and a half until Vermont Fish and Wildlife came.

Once Fish and Wildlife came the plan was too build a tunnel downstairs. "We pulled apart all the treadmills and lined them up in a straight line," explained Polonia. "Luckily our neighbors were there, and they brought 13 pieces of plywood that we put up against the treadmills and the stair-master."

After five minutes the deer ran through the tunnel and out the back door.


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