Kingdom All Stars New Members

Kingdom All Stars 2 2018-02-14 at 7.49.33 PMST. JOHNSBURY- The Kingdom All Stars performed today at Fuller Hall at the St Johnsbury Academy. Many students, parents, and teachers gathered to watch the band perform today.

The students had two shows today, and each was hosted by the Catamount Arts. One was at 10:30 this morning, and the other was at 1:00 this afternoon. The performers are from six different towns in Vermont including Cabot, Danville, Burke, Lyndon, Holland and Barnet.

They have six new people in the band, including two new students from Danville; these two are the first ever to perform in the All Star band. Their band members are  Leo Parlo from Holland, bass-member Jonah Socks from Cabot, keyboard and accoustic Zane Mawhinney, trumpet/guitar player Sam Chase, as well as their lead Sam Giguere from Lyndon, guitar-player Cameron Clark from Burke, Saxophone player Ava Marsha, and on bass and clarinet from Danville Ally Morrison,  guitar player Aden Marcotte from Barnet. Some of the students not only play an instrument, but they can sing as well.

Student Ava Marsha said, "It's a really great feeling inside because all the hard work and effort that I've put into this really pays off and I really enjoy it, it makes me happy. My favorite part is just being surrounded by people we can just have fun and we all know each other. My favorite song that we play is Mustang Sally because I ge to play the saxophone and sing."

They all perform music from different types of genres including pop, rock, blues, r and b, gospel and country music. These students are all in fifth through eigth grade. They do performances year round, and they have performed at the Caledonia County Fair in Lyndon in the past. The students get a hands-on experience that can help them prepare themselves for when they are in a real working band. The students are required to have auditions and previous experience with working with music before they can join the band.  Although, they are a band with students they don't quite consider themselves to be a school of rock band. 

Student Jonah Socks said, "It's been a great experience, it means a lot to me that we can still do this and that people kept pitching in over the years so that it can keep going on for generations. Bass has always been my favorite it was my first instrument I had played. My friends were starting up a band, but they didn't have any basses and I thought that I could help them out to see what I could do."

On March 24th, they will be having their rising star search at 1 p.m. at the Alexander Twilight Theatre at Lyndon State College.

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