Warm Days for St. J

warm weather thumbnailST. JOHNSBURY - We are well above normal temperatures in Vermont for the month of February. Temperatures are a good fifteen degrees above average for this time of year. This can be detrimental to the climate and wildlife for the area, not to mention the intense flood warnings and slippery road conditions that follow a massive snow melt. Luckily, road maintenance has been out clearing the ice and snow, as well as creating runoff pathways so water can find the storm drains.

Mark Breen, a senior meteorologist at the Fairbanks museum, had a lot to say about the recent warmer weather, claiming that although it is not the warmest the area has ever been in February, it is still a very nice change of pace from temperatures below thirty degrees. "We have this southwest wind that is pushing air up from the gulf, which is why we are seeing these warmer temperatures... it is not uncommon for us to have a stretch of warm weather in February; in 1981 we had a stretch of weather well into the sixties that lasted for two weeks!"
It is no secret that after a few months of very cold and moderate temperatures, many people are happy to see temperatures getting into the fifties and sixties. "Oh I really like the weather that we've had the past few days, really gives the family and I opportunities to enjoy some quality time outside." says Barry Spear, a resident of Hubbardton Vermont who was visiting family in St. Johnsbury. "I mean we've been able to go snowshoeing, ice fishing, even something as simple as taking a walk is much better with weather in the sixties instead of the twenties."
There are those, however, who are weary of the warm weather, simply due to the fact that they know the warm temperatures will not last. "Don't get me wrong, I like the sunshine," Adnan Terzic, a resident of St. Johnsbury, explained, "I just know that these warm temperatures aren't going to last very long, and pretty soon all this water is going to turn to ice and frost heaves. I've lived in Vermont for a while, and i'm use to the winters here; so I know for a fact that winter isn't over, and that the weather isn't going to do what a want it to, and that is stay consistent for more than a week."


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