St. Johnsbury Police Coverage Ahead of Town Meeting Day

St J PD TMDST. JOHNSBURY— As town meeting day approaches, the police department for the town of St. Johnsbury will be losing some personnel.

"It's just everything coming together at once," Chief Timothy Page of the St. Johnsbury Police Department.


The town currently offers 24-hour service in the special district.

"It's really not a problem. We won't be altering our shift coverage," said Page. "There is no great change in what we are going to do. Nobody will notice any difference."

Page also said that the town should look forward to great coverage in the future.

"We're definitely putting our best foot forward," said Page.

Chief Page will be attending St. Johnsbury's Town Meeting if residents have questions about police coverage for the town.

St. Johnsbury Police Department Ahead of Town Meeting Day from NewsLINC on Vimeo.

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