Coming Together Through Music

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ST.JOHNSBURY- Songwriters from all over the NEK and further, came to St.Johnsbury last night to display their workings.

Northern Vermont Songwriters is an organization that meets every thursday of every month, and is welcome to anyone who wants to get their pieces out in the open. They meet in the Outback Artspace behind the Catamount Arts building in downtown St.Johnsbury.



For all the artists that were present, theres a common theme. It's very hard to get works published, and out in the open. It's hard for them to get constructive criticism back. "Being able to get a song played for an artist, let alone for them to cut it in this area, is the hardest" explains head organizer Jim Karns.

"Everyone has different feelings about different songs. It's important for people to come here. You learn how to balance everything out."

Some artists that come have had their break throughs in the industry. Others are still plugging away, and doing this just as a hobby.

Michael Hahn, who attended the meeting last night, is best known to locals as an in-demand multi-instrumentalist and a member of the Northeast Kingdom rock band Hornbeam. For him, songwriting and music is everything.

"I don't have a nine to five like a lot of other people, or most everybody at this meeting. For me there's always time for song writing."

Hahn was able to have his album 'Nash-Vegas Dreams' reviewed in Seven Days Magazine. Hahn was able to split time between Vermont, and Nashville, Tennessee to record the album.

When asked with where these musicians think of their ideas for songs, there was a common response. Alone.

One musician said 'I got a tractor that I sing to. And it sings to me.'

"When I first wake up is the best time," says Hahn.

"It's a very rare occasion. To dream about lyrics. But in that time when you wake up, it's a fertile time period."

All these musicians are from different backgrounds. But if there's one thing they can bond over, it's music. And that's a truly special feeling. For all of them.