New Head Coach

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LaxST. JOHNSBURY- The lady Hilltoppers lacrosse team is anticipating a good season this year. With a new coach they are hoping this will be the second time ever they see the D2 championship in reach.


Rebecca Lowe was a D1 college lacrosse player at the University of Maryland where she was a three time collegiate national champion. Prior to her recent acceptance to be the Academie's girls varsity lacrosse coach there is not much experience with coaching.

"I have been a teacher 18 years and I take what i've learned from teaching and I put it into coaching".

The lack of head coach experience does not seem to affect how the girls think she will be as their new head coach

"I'm really excited about the next step she is going to take us with" Cora Delong-Douglas a senior on the team stated. "I think she's really awesome I'm really excited about the season"

Delong-Douglas went on to say that she has noticed a few changes within the team. Drills seem to be faster, the girls on the team are pushing themselves harder than ever and just by the presence of the coach, they are getting more intense and more pumped up.

Samantha Turgeon who is another senior on the team associates the team rallying around the coach with her enthusiasm and engagement with the team.

"When we go on team runs she wants to run with us and that's not very usual for a coach, normal a coach will let the players do it".

Last season going into the playoffs the four seeded Hilltoppers we cut short of the finals, losing in the second round to fifth seed Stowe. This season with many returning Seniors and Juniors accompanied by some good underclass talent there are high hopes.