Work Camp Controversy

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werk campSAINT JOHNSBURY- The Work Camp in Saint Johnsbury has been in danger of closing since January due partly to a decline in the number of inmates at the facility. The state has left the town with two options; close the camp, or stretch their standards to allow more inmates in.

 A public hearing was held to discuss the status of the camp, where Saint Johnsbury residents and state officials came to share their thoughts.

Senator Joe Benning is a resident of Caledonia County, and has nothing but good things to say about the workers that come from the work camp. His concerns lie in the amount of people serving.

“But we do recognize that the population is decreasing rapidly and we don’t know how to deal with that,” says Benning.

There are some requirements to be apart of the service crew that provides work around town such as not being a violent offender with a felony, or if an offender has prior corrections of a violent felony the town will be notified when they’re working.

One attendee of the meeting said that a lot of people at the gathering were against the prison expanding.

If the camp were to close Saint Johnsbury would be left 20,000 dollars in debt with twenty- two employees out of a job.

According to Senator Jane Kitchel, the decision should be made by the end of April.