Superstars Come to Town

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Harlem Superstar 1St. Johnsbury- It was a packed house at Alumni Memorial Gymnasium Thursday night as the Harlem Superstars came to St. Johnsbury. The gym was at full capacity and the crowd was electric, bringing a smile to everyone’s face.

 The Harlem Superstars classify themselves as a team that is committed to education and show-time basketball. Basketball is a major part of the team's success, but that is not what the team prides itself on. The thing they enjoy the most is the fact they do school visitations with motivational speaking and also a little bit of fun. They did just that as they took on players from St. Johnsbury.

The style of the Superstars isn’t like regular basketball. They do most of the things you see in a regular game but with flair. Parts of the act include crazy tricks and slam-dunks, as well as taking members from the crowd and making them apart of their act. It is a great a community event complimented by a halftime show and dancing.

“We go to the school to try and send a kid a message that it’s not about us playing basketball,” said Harlem Superstar player Kevin Briggs. “We also do this to motivate the kids, be a good role model for the kids, and let them know you can do anything you want to do.”

Aside from the message the players are trying to get across, the game meant bringing money in for the St. Johnsbury Academy Class of 2017. “This is a great event for the community. It’s for a good cause.” Said St. Johnsbury player Ben Hammer.

Other then the fundraising aspect, the Superstars were putting on a great show on the court. Playing students from the Academy, you can imagine there was a great deal of deep shots and vicious dunks. It was full of laughter and good family themed entertainment led to smiles on everyone’s faces. But perhaps the biggest smile came from the biggest kid on the court, Kevin Briggs.

“The smile on the kids faces. The kids love it.” Briggs said. “I like doing it but the kids love it which makes it more enjoyable, more fun.”