Lisa Warren

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ST. JOHNSBURY- Many people know Lisa Warren as being the Caledonia County's District Attorney. A Vermont native, Warren does a lot more than just being an attorney, she enjoys taking the time to take advantage of and enjoy living in the Northeast Kingdom. "I love to hike, and walk my dogs," Warren said. "I love to be out doors in nature, and my husband and I like to hike and snow shoe, but I love to exercise."


Warren has realized her love for the state of Vermont, as she has lived in other places throughout her life. She spent her college years in Boston, as she is a Boston College graduate.


After her time in Boston, she moved to Maine to be with her husband, but they eventually both moved back to their home state.

"Our roots are in Vermont. I loved Boston, and I loved Maine, but our roots were here, and it's home." Warren continued, "I love the city and I love going back and visiting, but I love home!"

Being in Vermont, Lisa Warren has been a practicing attorney for over two decades. After being in private practice for three years with a firm, she then spent five years on her own, and two years in the court system as a court deputy clerk.

"I thought I wanted to get into court administration," said Warren. "Then a position opened up here just over ten and a half years ago for a juvenile prosecutor in juvenile court and I was really interested," and did that for three years.

In 2009, Warren's predecessor, Robert Butterfield was retiring, Governor Douglas appointed Warren to take over the rest of the term, and has been in the position of district attorney ever since.

Warren also had to run in an election for the position. Every four years, elections for positions in the county are held, while state position elections are every two years. She still has two more years in November before another election.

"You have to get signatures from voting people in the community and the county to be put on the ballot to run for state's attorney," Warren said. Those signatures are then brought to the Caledonia County Clerk.

Throughout her nine years, Warren has done a lot of cases, but she talks about the biggest case.

"The biggest case I've handled is the Prue case," said Warren. "It went to trial, we spent weeks and weeks and weeks preparing and we were over there for just shy of three weeks in Burlington because that's where we tried it, so it was very labor intensive." Warren continued to talk about how a case like that has not happened in a long time in the area.

Not every case that goes through her office is like the Prue case, or even goes to court. Warren explained that not many people know about the process of just a case going to court.

"There's different steps along the way. It's kind of like a system of checks and balances," Warren said. "Not every case that comes to this office is prosecuted."

Sometimes the case will also go to the community justice center, but Warren said that a very small amount of cases go that route.