A Slippery Situation

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Unsung hero 2ST. JOHNSBURY- Those who live in areas that snow a lot understand that some roads shouldn't be used when it gets icy and slippery out, and one of those roads is Hosptial Drive in St. Johnsbury. On February 24th, at around 8 p.m. an incident occured that proved the road was not the best option for travel. 

Chad Roy, a St. Johnsbury resident and business man, was driving on Hospital Drive with his nephew, Dylan Niles, when he came across a car that was sliding from all the ice on the road.

"There was a lady inside asking for help and she didn't know what to do. So we went out and there was about a quarter inch of ice on that entire lane going down through there," said Roy.

Niles caught the action on tape as Roy was struggling to stay on his feet as he himself started sliding down the hill attempting to reach the victim in the car. Roy said when he made it to the car, the woman identified that she was trying to see her boyfriend in the hospital.

"She goes I only have minutes to get to the intensive care unit cause her boyfriend was there so she was pretty hysterical. So we told her okay we will watch your car and go and run." While waiting for the woman to come back to her car, State Trooper Tylor Rancourt made his way to the scene. Roy and Trooper Rancourt were talking when the cruiser began to slide, Niles watched as everything started to unfold.

"I didn't expect the cop car to start rolling backwards because of the ice it was kind of just sliding. It was weird when it started rolling back," said Roy.

Rancourt and Roy both worked together to get the car to stop by pushing it into a snow bank. Some people began to say that Roy saved Rancourt's life, or that he was in harm's way. After speaking with Trooper Rancourt he said this was not the case. "When I saw the Facebook post it made it sound like he saved my life," he said laughing. "He was not behind the car or in harm's way, but on the front driver's side."

"If that car would have kept going down the hill, it would have been who knows what," said Roy. 

Trooper Rancourt said that eventually the woman came back to her car, and drove away once the town had salted the road.