Fighting Against Childhood Cancer

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Child Hood Cancer FundFRAISERST. JOHNSBURY- For the second year in a row Lyndon State College student, Alex Vollono is helping to fight back against childhood cancer, with his benefit show, "Be Their Voice!"

Vollono partnered up with fellow student, Marybeth Noonan last year with the intention of helping to fund childhood cancer research.The event is taking place at the Kingdom Taproom in St. Johnsbury, which is well-known for allowing fundraisers like this one, to be held at the resturant, free of charge.

This fundraiser includes craft beer, food and a raffle with prizes including a brand new Apple watch, a guitar signed by 'The Drop Kick Murphy's' and a season pass to Burke Mountain. In addition to the food and the raffle, it has been arranged for live music to play at the event; local bands such as 'The Alantic Effect'. 'The Bonnets', 'The Mangroves' and 'Rookie' will be there. All the bands have agreed to play at the event, free of charge.

Vollono says that the raffle prizes have all come from donations, "I suppose it's a trick of the trade. People found out about the event and wanted to donate.  also used my professor to get the guitar".

The fundraiser is not a part of any organization or a requirement for a class, which leaves Vollono dedicating much of his time to this benefit show.

"This year I've put way more hours in than last year because last year we had a little more time. So I've been putting about three to four hours a day for the past two or three weeks," says Vollono.

Last year's event raised around $1,000 for childhood research and Vollono jokingly says his goal this year is to, "raise $1,001".

"Be Their Voice!" is not the first time he has involved himself with charity, in fact it's something he's grown up doing; seeing it as his duty to help those in need.

"I've always felt that everyone has their purpose and mine was always to help people. I've always been involved in soup kitchens, and charities stuff ever since I was young with my mom. I think on a deeper level it's a human responsibility," says Vollono.

When asked what community members attending the show should expect, Vollono's response was, "expect to me amazed".

The benefit show will begin at 8 P.M at The Kingdom Taproom in St. Johnsbury and anyone planning on attending the event should bring $3 for the entrance fee.


According to Vollono, hundreds of people attended the event over the weekend. The goal of raising over $1000 was not reached, however they were able to raise over $600. Despite not reaching their goal Vollono and Noonan say they are not giving up yet as the person who won the guitar signed by the Drop Kick Murphys in the raffle; is considering selling the guitar online and donating half of the proceeds to childhood cancer research. They say that as long as the money is given towards childhood cancer research, then they feel that they've met their goal in having the fundraiser.