New Pumps for St. Johnsbury

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waterST.JOHNSBURY - St. Johnsbury will be replacing two of their water pumps at the waster water treatment facility. The budget for the project is $1.35 million to purchase the new pumps.Even with the expensive price tag, residents of the town will only be charged a few extra cents on their water bills.



The pumps will need to be replaced soon because of their older age according to St. Johnsbury Town Manager John Hall.

"Like a car, the plant outlived its components,"said Hall, "Both pumps are 25 years old, that is their normal lifetime."

Hall explains the plant can be ran through one pump temporarily, but it would not be a permanent solution. The replacement process will be begin with the town choosing the company to design and create the pumps.

"The first thing the plant would do would have the designed new pump sent to the plant and then the old one would be disassembled first then new one would be put in place," said Hall

The project of installing the new pump will take around 6 to 8 months for the building on the site but after the installation will be measure in weeks not months according to Hall.

The whole project will take around a year to complete barring any weather related incidents.