The Search Continues

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welcometost.jayST. JOHNSBURY - The decision to raise the pay for the new Town Manager, when one is found, was made last night at St. Johnsbury selectboard meeting.


In efforts to become more competative in the market to attract applicants, the maximum pay was raised raised from $85,000 to $95,000.

The selection committee consists of John Hall, two select board members, and two residents of St. Johnsbury.  After the first round of searching, which was six weeks long, the town narrowed it down to four candidates. The committee chose someone to fill the position, but the person of interest took a job somewhere else. Now, the town is looking for the next person who would be a good fit.

"When you talk with them you just know that they fit," Kevin Oddy, the selectboard chairperson said, "The first thing I'm looking for is experience leading a town that gone through some difficult times."

The application is reopening for three weeks, closing on April 5th. The town is planning on spending about $3,500 on advertisement for the position. Advertisment areas spread from Massachusetts up to Maine, and into upstate New York.

The delay in finding someone may have to do a little with the questionable past of the town of St. Johnsbury.

"We built a good managment team, and as our audit this year is going to show, we have certainly come a long way in getting the finances and the orgainzation of the town in pretty good shape so I'm happy we've got this team in place it will be excellent for whoever does replace me," said current town manager John Hall.

Hall is unsure of if they will find a replacement by the time his contract expires at the end of April.

He said, "I've said tonight and I will say again this is my hometown and I want leave them in a lerch... I won't leave them in a learch."

With his contract expiring, he ran for, and got elected, into the part time position of assistant judge, but is willing to stay as town manager to help the tansition of finding someone to fill his void.