NVRH's New Machine

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nvrhmachineST. JOHNSBURY - Northeast Vermont Regional Hospital is currently using a new machine to combat the spread of infections. The machine, called the Sanosil Disinfectant has been in the hospital for two weeks now.


The Sanosil kills bacterial infections by spraying hydrogen peroxide in the air during the cleaning process.

NVRH Manager of Environmental Services Pam Applebee thinks the machine will help benefit her way of cleaning each room.

“I clean each and every room as if I were to be the next patient.” Applebee said.

This cleaning method has proven to be very important, because there have been very few cases of infection acquired in the hospital according to Coulson. But that does not stop Coulson from wanting to prevent the infections.

NVRH Infections Control Officer Jim Coulson said, “We have used the machine around 6 or 7 times, only when a patient comes in with an bacterial infection, like the flu or the measles.”

Coulson speaks highly of the Sanosil in the prevention of hospital acquired infections.

“This machine will prove to be very valuable in preventing the infections, as it will help prevent future acquired infections from being received in our facilities.” said Coulson.

Coulson thinks there should be more of the machines purchased to help speed up the cleaning process.

“I hope we can purchase more of these machines in the future.” Coulson said.

The cost of the Sanosil was close to $5,000 and it costs around $3 per use of the machine.