International Athletic Interest Grows

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international gamejpgST. JOHNSBURY- Several St.Johnsbury Academy students have a sports opportunity that wasn't available in previous years. This years outcome proved that the interest rate in this program is on the rise. 
High school students from other countries who are not as skilled in the sport of basketball, are able to compete in several
international games during the regular basketball season. 
"A lot of our students aren't able to play for our varsity or junior varsity teams, just due to never being involved in this skill level before, and never being involved in any team sport before, but they all love basketball," said John Lovett, the coach of the international team.  
The idea for the international games came about four years ago, when international students who were not members of the school team vocalized their interest in playing basketball. During their first season, only one game was played, but over time, the numbers have increased. This year they will play a total of 12 games.  
The team also gets plenty of support. "Teachers from the school and other people come to see us play," said sophomore player Daniel Nieh, a boarding student from Taiwan.  
Basketball is not the only sport that has its own international team. This year was the first international season for soccer, and even though only one game was played, the interest continues to grow.  
"Soccer and basketball are games that all of our kids from all over the world know and love, and they all want to compete, even though some of their skill levels just aren't at the level that would be a varsity athlete," Lovett told us.  
The club sports are relatively new, but there has been positive feedback from both players and spectators.