One Step Closer

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prue picST. JOHNSBURY - After a long morning in Caledonia District County Court you could hear the town of St. Johnsbury, in unison, exhale and release a sigh of relief.

Patricia Prue, wife of Allen Prue, took the seat in front of Judge Robert Bent as the rest of her life was in his hands.

 At 9:00 a.m. this morning, press, media, family of the slain Melissa Jenkins, as well as residents, filled Room 1 of the Caledonia County Courthouse as Prue awaited a decision. Coming into the day, many thought the charged murderer's wife was going to test her competency in order to see if she could take a stand in a court case.

Before noon, Patricia Prue and her attorney team came to a consensus where she will accept a plea bargain, rather than taking the stand and moving to Chittenden County Court.

State Attorney Lisa Warren has been on this case for nearly three years now. She had convicted killer Allen Prue put behind bars back in December; he will serve life in prison for the murder of St. Johnsbury teacher Melissa Jenkins.

Patricia Prue's sentencing will be tomorrow morning around 10:15 where she will face the same sentencing as her husband. Patricia Prue is facing three felony counts: premeditated murder, conspiracy to murder, and the kidnapping of Melissa Jenkins. The sentencing will be made final tomorrow morning.

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