St. J Needs the Money

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welcometost.jayST. JOHNSBURY- The town of St. Johnsbury is looking for the $401,000 that people owe in deliquent taxes.



Since 2009, St. Johnsbury has seen a rise in the amount of taxes that are not paid for. In 2009, 105 properties owed the town $247,000, but now the amount owed for this year is almost double that number.

The town is working hard with the community to make agreements, in order to keep people from losing their homes. However, if that doesn't work, the town will have to have tax sales.

St. Johnsbury Town Manager, John Hall, said, "We don't want to own your house. What we want to do is get our tax money."

The town is hurting for money since they expected $401,000 to come out of taxes from the past few years. What the town collects from taxes, compared to what they plan on spending for the year, is about the same. If they are short on tax revenue, then they have to borrow money from the bank.

On Feburary 4, properties that have deliquent taxes not paid for from 2013 and later years, will have their houses go into a tax sale. But, if your house is sold, you have one year to pay your taxes in order to keep your property.

Tax sales are not the first option for the town, they want residents to set up payment plans so the property does not have to be sold.

If you do not make your tax payment on time you will have an 8% penalty tacked onto your bill, along with a 1% interest rate for each month you are late.