Preventing a Tragic Christmas

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xmastreeeST.JOHNSBURY- A true mark of the holiday season is a big beautiful Balsam fir but unfortunately with such great beauty comes possible danger. One in every forty house fires where a christmas tree is involved results in death. This season there are a few key things you should do to ensure your family and Christmas tree's safety.

 Although indoor electric  heaters may be more economical than using oil, they not only cost you more in electrcity but also dry out the air inside of your house. The heater is not only at risk of drying out and killing your tree, but it can also result in igniting the tree. Try to keep your heater at least three feet away from your tree to avoid seeing your White Pine go up in flames.

Another big cause of Christmas tree fires is overloading the outlets the tree's lights are plugged into. When an outlet is overloaded with plugs it has a high risk of shorting out and it only takes a few sparks to have a Blue Spruce light up like paper. A good idea to prevent this would be buying a power strip and to not have more than 5 cords plugged into it at one time.

Having lit candles by or on your Christmas tree creates a magical romantic feel but it can also create a fire hazard. Do not keep open flames anywhere near your Christmas tree to avoid a fiery silent night. Also keeping your tree well hydrated could make it slightly more flame retardant.

Luckily for the North East Kingdom, St.Johnsbury fire departments have not seen a tree fire in over twenty years, but that doesn't mean to not be vigilant about your tree's hydration status and where it is in relation to fire hazards.

Fire Cheif of the St.Johnsbury Fire department stated that he want's people to "Use common sence. Dont block exists, don't use so many lights for decortations that they are over loading the electrical outlets, we know people use candles, be very smart about suing candles, follow the manufacturers recomendations on candles on candles and on any of the decorations."