Construction Celebration

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ConstructionCelebrationST. JOHNSBURY- This weekend, St. Johnsbury celebrated the long awaited end of their towns lengthy construction projects. 

 The construction started in 2008 as a water project,  but morphed into much needed road work all across town. Now six years and $32 million later it has finally reached it’s end, and what better way to celebrate the end of road work than by having a festival in the streets. 


“We really wanted to recognize the incredible patience and graceful behavior of our residents.” Said Barbara Hatch, the director of St. Johnsbury’s chamber of commerce. “They put up with inconvenience and disruption to their schedules.”


A parade of machinery driven by the same workers who have been working for the town since 2008, trucked down Maine Street to the cheers of their community. Live music, food, and more were also on hand for children and families to enjoy through out the day. What they might not enjoy is the new road work the town has planed. 


Chad Whitehead is the Project Engineer, and he still has plans for the town. “There’s a lot of areas around town that really should use some additional work and they will as the years go through.” 


The new construction will start next fall. The town will focus most of it’s energy on upgrading the towns Waste Water Treatment Plant.