Censored Books Take Center Stage

banned books ladyLYNDON - This week is the 13th Annual Banned Books Week. Sponsored by the American Library Association, Banned Books Week is organized to show the importance of the first amendment and raise awareness of censorship.

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Rotarians Lend A Hand

rotarianslendahandLYNDON - The Friends of the Cobleigh Public Library are getting ready for the start of their annual book sale on Friday October 5th.

With boxes upon boxes of books, the Friends of the library use the help of the Lyndonville Rotary Club to get everything set up and ready for the big weekend.

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A Different Way to Stay Active

tap dancingLYNDON - Every Wednesday afternoon, a small group of people gather to work on techniques as a part of "Dance Images by Heidi."

Heidi Broome started instructing dance classes in 1989, using her feet to "tap" to the beat of the music.

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Future of the Lyndon Adventure Race

adventureraceLYNDON - After three failed attempts at hosting the Lyndon Adventure race, Lyndon State Adventure Activites Coordinator Jamie Struck is looking forward.

Struck and his team of students have made new plans for next year, hoping to invite community members up the hill.

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Gas Prices Rising in Vermont

gasVERMONT - Gas prices are on the rise again all over there country. The national average price for gas is three dollars and eighty cents a gallon, while in Vermont the average is three dollars and ninety-five cents a gallon.

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VSO Comes to the Kingdom

vso thumb

LYNDON - The Vermont Symphony Orchestra presented their 18th annual Made in Vermont Music Festival statewide tour this past week in eight villages and towns all across Vermont.


The VSO started off its annual tour on September 21st, and will be performing their last performance for the tour tonight at 7 p.m. at Castleton State College in the Castleton Fine Arts Center.

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Lyndon Kids Get Unique Greeting

Students Meet CandidatesLYNDON - Candidates running for the state senate gathered with both voters as well and future voters Wednesday evening. The meet and greet, held at the Thaddeus Stevens School in Lyndon, is held every two years, and it's more than opportunity for candidates to discuss their stances on topics. The forum also allows students to interact with the candidates and develop an interest in politics.  

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Helping Give the Gift of Life

newslinc templateLYNDON - The American Red Cross' workforce consists of 96% volunteers to carry out their humanitarian work for communities around the world. Whether they're a disaster preparedness presenter, general advocate for the American Red Cross, but the volunteers that often go unrecognized are the volunteers that work at local blood drives. 

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Children's Author Visits Lyndon


LYNDON - In an event hosted by the Cobleigh Library, some local students were able to meet an award winning author. Paul Fleischman visited the Lyndon Institute Town House Thursday evening to close out the first day of his three day book tour across the state. Fleischman's tour comes shortly after his new novella, "Bull Run," was chosen as the 2012 Vermont Reads Selection.  

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Healthy Eating for Seniors

lyndon seniorsLYNDONVILLE - A six week workshop is being put on for seniors at the Lyndon Action Center.

According to Lallie Mambourg a big issue that seniors deal with are high blood pressure and with that, making sure not to digest too much salt.

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Saving a Part of Lyndon

church rebuild jLYNDON - A part of Lyndon has come back down after some much needed work.

The Lyndon Congregational Church has been in Lyndon for over 180 years, making it a part of Lyndon's past. Norm Messier was in charge of fixing the church after a leaky roof and holes in the floorboards started to show.

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New Garage for Lyndon area?

lyndongaragefinalLYNDONVILLE - Lyndonville is looking to combine the town and village garages, in an effort to create a more effective situation for all areas.

The Village Board of Trustees and select board met collectively on September 10th to decide where the garage will be and who will build it.

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String of Citations in Lyndon


LYNDON - The Lyndonville Police Department has seen an increase in citations in recent weeks.

As students at Lyndon State College return from break, the department has issued mand tickets and citations for various causes.

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Lyndon Rescue Celebrates 40 Years

lyndonrescuenewslincLYNDONVILLE - In 1972, a small group of college students at Lyndon State College purchased two vehicles that would later become the campus rescue emergency services.

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Welcoming An Old Face to a New Job

Lyndon Town OfficesLYNDON - The town of Lyndon and village of Lyndonville have a new town clerk/treasurer.

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What's Coming Up At 5:30

What's Coming Up Tonight at 5:30

Snow Storm Outages

We talked with Lyndonville Electric about the power outages in the area.


Flu Shots

Flu season is ahead of us, see how you can help yourself from getting sick.


Lyndonville Apartments to be Demolished

LA proposal that came out last fall is starting in March, we talked to rural Edge to find out more.