Making Treats for a Cure

relay for life picLYNDONVILLE- Walking into Whites Market Saturday, you could not only buy groceries, but purchase homemade iteams all to help a fund for a cure. Five women from Lyndonville came together and baked goodies as well as hold a fifty- fifty raffle and sold home made scarf’s all for the Relay for Life.

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Local Bank Confronts Scam

Bank ScamLYNDON - Customers of Community National Bank in Lyndonville have been receiving text messages and emails stating that their debit cards have been deactivated. 

"Don't answer it, don't open it, delete it," said Bank President, Stephen Marsh.

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Home Openers With New Coaches

Li-St.j Hockey OpenersLYNDON - Both Lyndon Institute and St. Johnsbury Academy hosted their first regular season home games of the 2012 season at Fenton Chester Arena Wednesday night.

While both teams are beginning the season with new coaches, the outlook on the upcoming season is very different.

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Running at Night

runners saftyLYNDONVILLE- Vermont State Police are noticing a safety issue when it comes to runners.


Vermont State Police are urging runners to protect themselves when jogging at night in more ways than one.

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Break-In at Local Arena

arena break inLYNDONVILLE - Police investigating break-in at Fenton Chester Area.


Someone broke into the Fenton Chester Arena sometime last night after the arena closed. According to police chief Jack Harris the entrance door and main office door were pried open.

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One Man's Trash...

OneMansTrashLYNDON - Collecting everything from maple tubing to hazardous household materials, but specializing in regular bottles and cans, the Northeast Kingdom Waste Managment District in Lyndonville, along with the other 22 recycling centers that are part of the NEKWMD, work to collect, sort and sale recyclable materials from the area.

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New Burger Restaurant Nears Opening

Burgers and Fries UnlimitedLYNDON - Burgers and Fries Unlimited, is a new restaurant located on Memorial Drive in Lyndonville.

Owner Jeremy Bressette hopes to open his new restaurant as early as next weekend.

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Geocaching Taught at Schools

GeocachingLYNDON - Treasure hunting is not just for pirates.

Students at Riverside School in Lyndon are Geocaching to learn and find boxes of treasures across the area.

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Legalizing Marijuana Comes With Complications

marijuana vt LYNDON - Marijuana could be decriminalized on the state level, but there is still debate about whether or not to include medical dispensaries in Lyndonville.

Governor Peter Shumlin believes that marijuana will be decriminalized, but that's only on the federal level. How can that happen when those in charge in Lyndonville are debating whether or not to include a medical dispensary in town?

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Folding is Fun at Cobleigh Library

OrigamiLYNDON - Teresa Vasko holds origami classes every Thursday at the Cobleigh Library. This week's class focused on Christmas folds - Santa Claus, Christmas ornaments, and similar projects - but other weeks feature cranes, stars and other fun folds.

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H.O.P.E Keeps Up With Demand

hopestatLYNDONVILLE - The H.O.P.E store in Lyndonville has been keeping up with raising demands for both their food shelf and their backpack program.

H.O.P.E., short for Helping Other People Everyday, has seen the number of those in need of food increase from 2011 to 2012, despite the recent change over to supplying prepackaged bags of food.

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Veterans Are Honored in Park

veterans parkLYNDON - Flags were waving and trumpets were playing as many saluted the Veterans at Lyndon State College. The fountain in the center of the Vermont state college is being transformed into a park that will help to celebrate all the Veterans that are students at the college.

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Democrats Celebrate

democratic headquartersLYNDON - Democratic candidates from all over Vermont got together has night as they awaited the ballots to the tallies. Many members of the Democratic party made an appearance, which made for a emotional experience as a whole.

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Lyndon Outing Club Serves Up Some Chili

chili cookoff LYNDON - The Lyndon Outing Club hosted their 5th Annual Chili Cook Off, where people from all over the NEK gathered to taste a wide variety of different chili recipes. The days events included live music, and a skate jam competition, and of course the chili contest.

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A Season Dedicated to Brothers

dedicated to brothers LYNDON – This year a football team is dedicating their season to two local alumni.

Bruce and John Simpson graduated from Lyndon Institute in 1977 and 1984. Saint Johnsbury natives and avid football players for Lyndon Institute, they passed away this year from cancer.

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New Arena Manager

new managerLYNDON - A staple in the Lyndon community has a new manager, Fenton Chester Arena has hired Bonnie Kirchoff to oversee the everyday activities of the popular attraction.

A graduate of Lyndon Institute, Kirchoff has been all over the country getting her degree and working at ice rinks.

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Local Author Shares Her Story

songofvLYNDONVILLE - Students and community members gathered in the Lyndon State College's library to be a part of the unveiling of a new novel. 

The book, which is entitled "Song Of The Vikings" is written by local author Nancy Marie Brown.

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Lyndon Furniture Makes Custom Table for Governor

lyndon furnitureLYNDON - It's not every day that Governor Peter Shumlin asks you for a custom piece of furniture, but that's exactly what happened to Dave Allard, the owner of Lyndon Furniture.

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Local Bookstore Celebrates Halloween

books n beyondLYNDON - Nature's Mysteries Books and Beyond celebrated its one-year anniversary with a Halloween-themed gathering last night. The store is one of the only locations in the Northeast Kingdom to offer tarot and astrology readings, and owner Michelle Wildflower hopes that events like the one from last night can draw a larger crowd to her establishment.

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Classical Concert in Lyndonville

BassoonLYNDON - On their first of two stops in the Northeast Kingdom, Heliand Consort performed at Lyndon Institute Thursday evening. 

Currently on their sixth season, Heliand Consort is traveling across Vermont for the Winds Take Flight Tour. Heliand Consort consists of an oboist, a clarinetist and a bassoonist. They perform a variety of new world, classical and French masterpieces.

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Paving Planned for South Wheelock Road

Lyndonville PavingLYNDON - Lyndon's town manager, Dan Hill, said today that the town of Lyndon is planning to begin repaving South Wheelock Road next summer.  "It's not going to get cheaper if we wait," Hill said. "So we're going to take the existing funds that we have, sort out what section needs to be done - or what we can afford to do - and do it next summer."

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Lyndon's Canine Head Count

AnimalRescueLYNDON - In Lyndon, animal control officer Cindy Cady keeps local strays safe while attempting to find them a home.

She also runs the Lyndon Dog Pound, which provides a safe place for the animals and keeps them from roaming the streets.

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Custom Carts Come to LI

GolfCartsLYNDON - Students at Lyndon Institute and St. Johnsbury Academy are getting an opportunity to work on a unique project with the Caledonia County Sheriff's Department. The Sherriff's Department purchased two golf carts to be used in simulated drunk and distracted driving courses; the automotive program at each school will have an opportunity to customize the golf carts however they see fit.

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Dispensary Fate Undecided

dispensariesfateundecidedLYNDON - After being handed the issue of looking into medical marijuana dispensaries, the Lyndon Planning Commission has not reached a final decision on how Lyndon should handle these issues.

At their latest meeting, the commission discussed four possible options for marijuana dispensaries.

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Bernie Sanders Visits Lyndon State College Community

bernie sandersLYNDON - Senator Bernie Sanders has been here, there and everywhere talking to Vermonters about key issues he believes in. Sanders has made it a point that among his 40 visits so far, colleges and universities were among them.

He visited Lyndon State College for a rally to speak to students and faculty.

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