LSC Volleyball

thumbnailtemplateLYNDONVILLE - Saturday afternoon, the Lyndon State Hornets took on the Green Mountain Eagles after a shutout earlier in the day.

Lyndon controlled the game as they led 25 to 19 in the first set against their North Atlantic conference foes. The Hornets kept the game in their favor as they continued their scoring streak in the second set.

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Vermont Symphony Orchestra Returns to LSC

vsoLYNDON - The Vermont Symphony Orchestra's annual fall tour is well under way. This fall's tour marks the Orchestra's 20th anniversary of their musical festivals, where they combine their music with the colorful foliage season around Vermont. The tour started September 20th, and finishes tonight.

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Cumberland Farms on the Move

cumberland farmsLYNDONVILLE - The Cumberland Farms in Lyndonville will soon be on the move. The relocation will take down a few houses in the area, which has left some residents unpleased. What some people might not understand is that the village of Lyndon is almost completely a commercial zone.

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Hazardous Waste Collection Day

nekwasteLYNDON - Northeast Kingdom Waste Management is holding a hazardous waste collection day. People in the area are requested to drop off any hazardous materials that should not be thrown away.

All waste will be collected on Saturday, September 28th, at the Lyndon Recycling Center on Church St. from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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Happy Birthday Hazel

eldestwomanLYNDONVILLE- One of Vermont's oldest resident's resides right here in the Northeast Kingdom. Hazel Discher of Lyndonville is celebrating her 108th birthday this week.

According the U.S. Census Bureau, Discher is one of 130 people over the age of 100 to be living in the green mountain state.

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Lyndon Children's Center On The Move

childrens center moveLYNDON- After 28 years located on the lower campus at Lyndon State College the Lyndon Children's Center is moving to a new location.

The Center is owned by Lyndon State College but the college needs the space that the center takes up.

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Meet Jack Harris

jack harrisLYNDONVILLE - A man who started his career in Connecticut and didn't plan on moving to Vermont until retirement.  In 2003 Jack Harris moved to Lyndonville so that he could start the Lyndonville police department. Jack was ready to step into this police chief job but did not realize what he was getting into. When he took the job it was the towns vision for him to start this police department for the ground up but Chief Harris was up for the challenge.

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Allergy Season in Full Bloom

black boxes thumbnailLYNDON - Unfortunately for you allergy suffers of the northeast kingdom this season for sniffles and puffy eyes is set to start a week earlier and end up to a month later than normal season. This is due to the high participation in the winter months and the rapid influx of warmer weather. Which causes most plants to go haywire and produce more of that pesky pollen. 

Chris Martin an Allergy Sufferer in St Johnsbury is very allergic to pollen and has had it since childhood, pollen is one of the most common allergies. Symptoms of an allergic reaction to pollen included sneezing, itchy eyes, soar throat, nasal congestion, runny nose, and a mild cough some even have trouble tasting food “I cant smell or taste food during allergy season” Martin Said. Some easy things you can do to make sure you can avoid as much pollen inhalation as possible is, keep windows closed in your house and turn on a fan, use the air conditioner in your car as opposed to opening the widows. Another tip that can help is by not spending as much tome outside in the morning. Pollen is at its highest count in the early hours of the day.  You can also see your doctor who can either prescribe or recommend over the counter medication to help cope with the symptoms. Demertrios Papathanasiou a severe allergy sufferer deals with this every spring “its frustrating and annoying and it really slows me down” Papathanasiou said and over the counter remedies can become a real burden on your wallet as well. “I take Claritin but that can get pretty expensive for 22 tablets I usually pay about $22” Papathanasiou said “ but if I don’t take it my day is just a disaster"

Jeff of All Trades

jeffofalltradesLYNDONVILLE – Jeff Corrow plays a unique role in his community.From father, to dorm parent, to firefighter, Corrow wears many different hats.

Jeff Corrow plays a key role in not only the lives of his 3 children, but also in the lives of foreign students at Lyndon Institute.

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Relaxing with Some Horseplay

Katie HorsesSeeing Kattie Smedley working at Shear Sensations in Lyndonville you would not expect her to spending her days off in the dirt and cobwebs of the over 100 year old barn, but that’s exactly where you will find her.

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State Improves Caledonia County Airport

caledonia airportLYNDON - With the help of state money the Caledonia County airport has seen some big changes inside and out.

After the passing of Manager Tom Winans in 2008, the state of Vermont took the airport over from the Vermont Pilot's Association. 


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Lyndon Institute Baseball

LI Davis Guyer SSLYNDON - Baseball season is in full swing. Going into 2013, it may have been easy to overlook the Lyndon Institute Vikings. However, the team is 2-2, and has given up 2 or fewer runs in three of their four games.

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Fire on Speedwell Drive

Lyndon Fire BrittonLYNDON - A busy month of April for fire crews in the Northeast Kingdom has continued into May. Yesterday at around 4 p.m. fire crews responded to house fire on Speedwell Drive in Lyndon.

No one was in the house at the time the house caught fire. However, resident Britton Durham said he had many pets, all of which were lost during the blaze. Durham also said nothing was on at the time of the fire, including the washer and dryer.

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Services for Seniors

servicesforseniorsLYNDON - There are many different services available to seniors in the Northeast Kingdom.


Meet two women who work to make sure these services stay up and running.

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Bowling for Varsity Status

varsity bowling ST. JOHNSBURY - What do football, track and field, and bowling have in common?  Well, they definitely have their differences, but they may all soon be varsity sports in the state of Vermont.

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Maple Tube Recycling

Maple Tube RecyclingLYNDON -  The Northeast Kingdom Waste Management company is recycling maple syrup tubing for the third consecutive year. NEK Waste Management has has been collecting tubing since the beginning of April, with about a half-dozen farmers bringing tubing in.To this point, a thousand pounds of tubing has been collected. To be recycled, the tubes must be able to float in water, and can be any color.

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Jewel Hill Fire

Jewel HillLYNDON -  Flames engulfed and eventually claimed a home on Jewel Hill Road in Lyndonville Wednesday night. Lyndonville was the first crew to arrive at the home around 6 o'clock, followed by several other crews including St Johnsbury, Concord, East Burke, Shefflield and Wheelock. Battling the fire for over three hours and running out of water the several times, crews were forced to pump water from the river across the street. The lack of water along with the dry conditions created difficult conditions for the crews."We're on top of a hill, there was a little breeze going and when a fire gets going that hot it does make its own wind  and of course it kept going towards the secondary structure which didn't help us at all," said Lyndonville Fire Chief Greg Hopkins. 

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Help for Homebuyers and Owners

helpforhomebuyersandownersLYNDONVILLE - On the 45th anniversary of the passage of the Federal Fair Housing Act, Governor Peter Shumlin has named April 2013 Fair Housing Month.

Local non-profit Rural Edge works year round to give everyone an opportunity.

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Earth Day at Lyndon State

solar busLYNDON- Lyndon State College has gone green.

Their colors may be green and gold, but they have gone environmentally green as well.

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New Home. Same Attitude.

rollar derbyLYNDON - On Easter Sunday, Community National Bank foreclosed on the IROC facility in Derby, leaving Orleans County without a major recreational facility. Northeast Kingdom Roller Derby - an IROC tenant - found themselves homeless as a result of the foreclosure, putting the future of the organization in jeopardy.

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Lyndon Construction Affects Water Lines

constructionLYNDON- "Conservatively we should be good for about 50-60 years," Dan Hilll said, regarding new construction projects in Lyndon.

Lyndon has just started phase one and that should be completed in about a month.

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Friends of the Library

Cobleigh LibraryLYNDON - A group known as "Friends of the Library" held a meeting at the Cobleigh Public Library yesterday. The agenda? To upcoming events, and discuss an upcoming grant deadline.

The "Friends of the Library" group sells books and organizes fundraisers to support the library in Lyndon.  Wednesday the group discussed three upcoming fundraisers.

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Lyndon Institute Opening Day

LI Season OpenerLYNDON - After rain postponed Tuesday's Opening Day games for Lyndon Institute's baseball and softball teams, the season openers were pushed back to Wednesday Night. Both the baseball and softball teams hosted the North Country Falcons to kick off the season.

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Too Many Cars Not Enough Spots

to many carsLYNDONVILLE - Building owner Marc Nurenburg was served a violation notice for breaking his own zoning law. The building which also is home to Burgers and Fries Unlimited and also a glass company. In the late fall Nurenburg agreed to give up eighteen of his twenty nine parking spaces for the other two businesses That use that building. 

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Mittens For Kittens

mittens4kittensLYNDON- Too many animals from the Northeast Kingdom wind up living in shelters, and one student from Lyndon State College came up with an idea to help keep homeless local area cats more comfortable.

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