A Colorful Way to Help the Community

ColorrunLyndonville- An annual color event raised more than $4,000 this year.  Not only is this a great event to help struggling families in the Norestheast Kngdom it also an opportunity for many different individuals to volunteer.

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Volunteer Firefighting

FireTruckLyndonville- There are several volunteer fire departments throughout the state of Vermont and the Northeast Kingdom.  Volunteer departments in our area include Barnet, Bradford, West Burke and East Burke, Peacham, Danville and Lyndonville to name a few. 

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H.O.P.E. to Relocate

hopeLYNDON- The non-profit organization H.O.P.E. is going to be raising funds to support their relocation. The move won’t be far, as their new building is only two hundred yards from where they are now.

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College Memories after Serving the Country

lscfountainLYNDON- Even after serving their country, veterans can return home to begin or finish their college career. Given the title “student veterans”, they are given the chance to succeed in higher education.

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LI Dance Recital Gives Back

lidanceLYNDON - Lyndon Institute Dance Company is on the move to raise money at this Friday's Benefit Dance Recital. The company has been working hard to benefit a good cause.

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Crosswalk Concerns

crosswalksLYNDONVILLE- Pedestrians in Lyndonville are concerned with the current condition of crosswalks in town. The issue stems from the angle in which the walks are painted. Crosswalks that were installed last year have already received criticism.  

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A Change in Voting for NEKWMD

nekwastemgmtLYNDON - The Northeast Kingdom Waste Management District discussed no longer using the Australian Ballot. Due to being five representatives short, the district was unable to vote. But the vote will be put on the agenda for the next NEKWMD meeting.

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Lisman Prepares For Vermont Primary

With less then four months to go until the primary, Republican Candidate for Governor Bruce Lisman sat down with news sevens reporter Tyler Cadorette to say why he should be elected, and the answer was quite clear.

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Local Businesses Fight Childhood Hunger

Childhood HUnga LYNDONVILLE- In preparation for H.O.P.E.'s third annual 5k Color Run, eighth grade classes from the Lyndon Town School and Burke Town School teamed up with RuralEdge and other local organizations, for an arts and crafts project to help make difference in childhood hunger within the community.

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Welch Visits Lyndon

welch picLyndon- Vermont Representative, Peter Welch held an important community outreach forum today at the Grindstone Cafe in Lyndonville. He broached on different issues such as health care, social security, internet access and secondary education 

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L.I. Spring Sports

spring sports LYNDON- Normally Vermonters are use to having a longer winter than others but with this winter, spring could actually be coming early to the North East. That means spring sports around the area may be able to get a jump start on the season.

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Lyndon Institute CPR Class

CPRRRLYNDON- For a class at Lyndon Institute, learning how to save a life is all in a days work. Students in the career and technical education allied health program gathered today to learn CPR and other emergency response skills. Lyndon Rescue helped instruct this part of the course.

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Mild Winter Sparks Climate Talks

climate changeLyndon-After a very mild winter, people are talking about climate change and global warming now more then ever. An informational session on the state of the climate was held at Lyndon State College, where students, and community members could ask questions.

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A Student's Dream School

1homeschoolingLYNDON - Most students dream of staying home instead of going to school. You don't have to leave home to receive an education. Homeschooling in Vermont has grown over the years and there are benefits to staying home and studying.

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X-treme Combat in the Northeast Kingdom

MMAFIGHT LYNDONVILLE- The Armory in Lyndonville was filled with fans on Saturday night for the X-treme Combat competition.

Mixed Martial Arts Fighting, or MMA, is a style of fighting combining different forms of martial arts, mixing both striking and grappling techniques that occur standing up and on the ground.

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Four Years of Strong Support

vetsummit2016LYNDONVILLE- Veterans from around the region gathered at Lyndon State College’s Standard Gymnasium last Saturday for the fourth annual NEK Veterans Summit. More than two hundred people -- including veterans, families and service organizations -- met with each other to give their support for each other.

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Lyndonville Flooding

IceJamLyndonville- The Northeast Kingdom Trailer Park in Lyndonville was flooded Thursday night. The cause of this flooding was because of an ice-jam.  These floods happen when ice breaks up creating a dam which blocks the river or stream it is in.  This causes water to become backed up and flood into the roadway.

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Lyndonville Fire Department Calls

fire calls thumbLYNDONVILLE- When the Lyndonville Fire Department gets a call, almost 25% are false alarms. Lieutenant Dan Bigelow says these non-emergency calls are a problem when it comes to keeping volunteer firefighters interested.

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Pellet Boilers in the NEK

wood pelletsLYNDON - Northern Forest Center hosted their first pellet boiler home tour on Darling Hill Road yesterday. This allowed residents around the Northeast Kingdom to see the advantages and disadvantages of having a pellet boiler in their home.

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The Struggle of Vermont Homeless

h.o.p.eLyndonville- RuralEdge kicked off their second event of the weekend at Lyndonville's Bandstand Park on Friday night as a part of their Rural Reality Campaign. About 30 people braved the single-digit temperatures for this year's "Night in the Park."


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Work Camp Helping Local Church

CHURCHLYNDON- The First Congregational Church in Lyndon is currently under construction. The Upright Steeple Society has planned the church will renovate their walls, ceilings, bathrooms, electricity, and heat.

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Local School Celebrates Black History Month

hahahahahaLYNDON- Thaddeus Stevens School students recognized the importance of Black History month in a powerful way by reading poems and passages written by African-Americans.

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Respite for Military Veterans

americanflagLYNDON- Military veterans who wish to start or continue their college careers might find it difficult to go through the higher education process after serving their country. That's why groups like Lyndon State College's Veterans Club exist.

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VSC Begins Consolidation Efforts

SpauldingInterview LYNDON- Since this fall, when Castleton, one of the Vermont State Colleges, underwent a name change from Castleton State College to Castleton University, there has been much talk of other changes to the VSC, and some of those changes may become a reality.
Due to declining enrollment in the VSC system and high costs of tuition, members of the Long Range Planning Committee have presented a plan in hopes to consolidate amongst the schools-- hoping to leave the campuses and individuality of each school the same, but merging things like repetitive degree programs in hopes of financial savings in overall institutional operations.

Since 2008, state funding has remained leveled-- only accounting for 18% of the budget. This means State Colleges have to make up for 82% in tuition, which is difficult when enrollment keeps declining.

"The gap between the half getting a college education and the lower income folks not getting a college education is getting wider, so that opportunity gap is getting worse, not better," Jeb Spaulding, VSC Chancellor points out, "Where we are is a chance to kind of change that whole thing".
After a meeting Saturday which lead to approved tuition increases throughout the VSC system: 2.5% for Lyndon and Johnson, 3% for Community College of Vermont, 4% for Vermont Tech, and no change to Castleton University -- the Long Range Planning Committee and Chancellor are trying to find ways other ways to save money--other than continuing to increase tuition.
Spaulding remarks that the plan, presented at the meeting held January 7th, is not intended to combine colleges entirely but to utilize the college system as a whole to maximize financial savings.

"Ultimately, it's about trying to make sure that we work together to make sure that we [Johnson and Lyndon] both get stronger and are able to offer our students the maximum experience that we can. So, you know, we don't plan on closing any campuses and we don't actually plan on merging any colleges. But if we could find ways that we could actually work together to supplement what we do"

This means doing things such as expanding on the interactive classrooms--utilized by the nursing program at Vermont Tech and Lyndon. Other ideas include less repetition, meaning not having the same degree programs offered at Lyndon as there are at Johnson and vice versa, for example. Ultimately, the goals agreed upon by the Board of Trustees and Long Range Planning Committee at their January 7th meeting, are to increase access to academics, maintain campuses, financial savings in overall institutional operations, and to avoid the duplication of academic programs.
With Vermont in-state tuition being the second highest on average in the country, The Board of Trustees and Long Range Planning Committee are working to not increase tuition any more.

"They just and to do something. We've gotten no increase in funding in eighth years," said Jerry Diamond, a VSC Board of Trustees member, "Without any promise from the state legislature for an increase in state funding, we were going to be in a position where all of the state colleges would ultimately be facing deficits."
With all this talk, though, nothing within the school system will be changing anytime soon. Proposals on how to begin the consolidation process and what kinds of steps need to be taken, will be expected this summer at the next Board of Trustees meeting.

Spaulding wants to emphasize, though, that this merger does not simply mean job cuts, "I want to emphasize this is not a job reduction kind of exercise here. We gotta make sure we're headed in the right direction and that we are using as little fuel as we possibly can, and that we're providing the best experience for our passengers".

"What I can guarantee is the vast majority of our faculty and staff will continue to work for the Vermont State Colleges. The surest way to make sure that the ship stays afloat and is headed in the right direction is to be somewhat open to looking for better ways and more efficient ways to do the things that are important for the students".


Vikings Score Serbian Superstars

SerbianSavagesLYNDON- Lyndon Institute has been known for its long-standing tradition of having great foreign exchange students in their athletic programs. For the Vikings boys' varsity basketball team, the tradition remains strong.

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What's Coming Up At 5:30

What's Coming Up Tonight at 5:30

Saint Johnbury Court Case

We sent out reporters to cover the case of Patrick Hunter, who appeared in court today for a case of sexual assault on a minor.


Danville Superintendent

The Danville School has answered the the call by residents for a new superintendent, and she is busy acclimating to her new position.


Vermont Restaurants and New Hampshire law

A new law was passed in the state of New Hampshire pressing restaurants to not provide straws for customers unless specifically asked to do so. A few Vermont restaurants have already taken to this practice without a law in place.