Bag Balm Gets New Tenants

New Bag BalmLYNDON - The Bag Balm building in downtown Lyndonville is about to receive some new tenants. The Center for Professional Studies at Northern Vermont University-Lyndon will be turning the second floor into a co-working space.

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Vintage Today

VTVintageLYNDONVILLE - Jesse Eustace is transforming his love of vintage clothing into a career, and is doing so in the form of V.T. Vintage in downtown Lyndonville.

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Budget for the Kingdom East District

kingdomeast thumbnailLYNDON - The Kingdom East Unified School district has reached it's final product for producing a cohesive eight town school budget plan for the upcoming school year. The budget is set to be presented at the full board's meeting which is set to take place on February 8th.

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An Icy Inconvinience

Lyndonville- The Bipolar Weather this winter has been an burden to bare for many across the Northeast Kingdom. With the constant unfreezing and refreezing that makes for a lot of ice on the roads. But for Aces towing in Lyndonville the problem is not on the roadways but on the driveways.

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Solar Companies Pay Up


 LYNDONVILLE - In an attempt to drive the American work-force, President Trump has imposed a 30 percent tariff on imported solar modules. This is a decision weighing heavily among the state, as Vermont possesses one of the most solar-dependent economies in the nation. According to Valley News, by 2016, one in 16 workers were employed by clean energy companies.

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Local Shop Pushes CBD

500mgCBD490kbLYNDONVILLE— Lyndonville, Vermont has its fair share of family owned businesses throughout the town. Matt Dauphinais (Right) and his father, Ray recently opened Green Mountain Grow, a shop dedicated to fulfill any gardener’s needs. One thing that makes this shop so unique is its sale of Cannabidiol, better known as CBD.

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Lyndon Rescue Budget

lyndonrescuethumbnailLYNDON - The town of Lyndonville is preparing for the most important day of the year when it is in regards to the town as a whole;  this day is none other than town meeting day.  The Lyndon select board has been hard at work creating and compiling all the items to be discussed by the town, and they are also working very hard on putting the finishing touches to the town budget.

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Lyndon's Stench

TrashThe Town of Lyndon has noticed a change in their trash recently. The community voiced their concerns about the lack of service within their garbage. Dan Daley, Kermit Fisher, and Martha Feltus, board members for Lyndon Selectboard, sat in front of Steve Earley to hear his explanation.

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Light up the Night

light up the night thumbnailLYNDON - There will be a Big Rig parade going through town on Saturday the 16th. But these will not be the usual diesel fueled, high opacity, six-cylinder engine trucks that we are used to; the trucks will be covered with dazzling christmas lights that will light up the night with Holiday tidings and cheer.

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Light Up the Town for Charity

light up town thumbnailLYNDON- What stemmed from a longing for a traditional sense of community during the holidays has made an idea come into full fruition as a fully planned event. The first annual "Light Up the Night" Holiday Parade will take place Saturday, December 16th.

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Coming Home To Coach

hockeyLYNDON- Lyndon Institute's Boy's Hockey Coach decided to come back to his home state and coach a team he see's success in. Also he missed the weather Vermont offers.


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Emergency Response During Winter Storms

emergency responseLYNDONVILLE- The recent bad weather showed how dangerous roads can be both during and after a storm. Between Tuesday and Wednesday the Lyndonville area saw nearly 9 inches of snow hit the ground. Because of the bad weather, emergency personnel responded to several accidents within a short time frame.

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Fat Bikes for Winter Hikes

fat bike thumbnailLYNDON - The Village Sports Shop Trailside on Darling Hill Road has been working with a relatively new form of biking to help stimulate business during the long winter season. This new form is what's known as "Fat Biking" and it is a rapidly growing winter activity here in the Northeast Kingdom. Fat Biking allows all the joys of bike-riding with the terrain accessibility of going over and through snow.

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Business Celebration

BusinessST. JOHNSBURY-For one local business or one person within the Northeast Kingdom today was the day to be honored. Many local businesses from around the area gather for the Northeast Kingdom Business Celebration on December 12th at Lyndon State College to celebrate 23 years of successful businesses in a small area.

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Winter Firefighter Challenges

winter fireLYNDON- The cold Vermont weather is finally starting kick in around the Northeast Kingdom. During the winter season Firefighters have to battle through some adversity when dealing with fires.

Limitations on Change at RCT

RCT ThumbnailLYNDON- Changes might be coming to Rural Community Transportation in the near future. During a public meeting Friday, they layed out their Five Year Plan, which details what direction they plan on heading in the next few years.

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Lyndon Furniture Named First Runner-Up

Lyndon furniture thumbnailLYNDON - The Contemporary Design Group has named a piece submitted by Lyndon Furniture as the first runner-up in a national competition.The competition was the Edward Haimsohn Design Award, which is in its fourth year of promoting original and artful furnishings from businesses across America.

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Food for Those in Need

FOODSHARELYNDONVILLE- During the holidays some times it’s not all about presents. Many members of the community got together Tuesday December fifth to participate in the Food Share. The Food Share is an event that is held at the Lyndonville Armory twice a month to help those in need. The Food Share provides free food, water, and even dog food for people that may not be able to afford it. This allow people in need come to the Lyndonville Armory and get the food they need.

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Grasping The Kingdom East Budget

kingdomeastmeetingLYNDON- The newly formed Kingdom East school district’s finance committee is in the process of creating its budget.

The only problem is that the committee has a long list of their own homework that they have to get done. There are many factors and considerations that the district has to study up on to combine the budgets of seven Northeast Kingdom Schools that include Lyndon Town School, Sutton School, Newark School, Millers Run School, Burke Town School, Concord School and Lunenburg. 

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Polar Express In Lyndon

 polar expressLYNDON- The Polar Express visited the town of Lyndon over the weekend. The train only comes one weekend every December and has been coming to town for over ten years now. The conductor of the train has basically molded himself to it since this marked his eighth year as being a part of this event. Charlie Somer who is long time friends with the Paris's who own the Freight House and one day they asked for Charlie's opinion of the train. 

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A Boy And His Pets

llamaLYNDONVILLE - One local youth gets to have a unique experience with his pets. Most kids have your typical dog, cat, and maybe a few fish. However, Pierce Thompson has something a little bit cooler than your typical companion, he has pets that could even help him later in life.

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Services for Veterans

Vet boiLYNDONVILLE - The American Legion post #30 put on a lot of events to raise money for several causes that help their community.

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Hoping For A Successful Christmas

Hope XMASLYNDONVILLE - The holiday season is just around the corner, and children are counting down the days until they wake up to presents under the tree.

Some families struggle shopping for presents, having enough food on the table, and bundling up for the cold season. Non-profit organizations such as H.O.P.E. in Lyndonville make it a little bit easier for families to celebrate the holidays.


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Looking to Repeat

LIGirlsBasketballLyndon- It was a memorable spring for Lyndon Institute’s Girls Basketball team last season. The Vikings won the Division II State Championship, their first in school history. Since then, the team lost its senior leadership that brought them to the top of the totem pole and after winning it all, according to VPA standards, moved up to Division I.

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You're Hired! LI's New Hockey Coach

LI Hockey


LYNDON- With the winter sports season about to start teams are starting to practice and prepare for their upcoming games, but one school sport has had an interesting offseason. Lyndon Institute was on the hunt for a new Boys Varsity Hockey Coach this offseason, and the school made some significant progress. Their new coach is from a different state, and has a lot of experience with the sport.

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