Lyndon Town Meeting

LYNDON- Lyndon's Town Meeting Day is just a couple of weeks away.  The day before town meeting, the town will have an informational meeting at 5:30 to discuss the articles on the town warning.

Both meetings are going to be held at the Municipal Office Building. The articles will be voted by Australian Ballot on March 5th. People can start voting at 10am until 7pm. Some of the things that aren't in the article is the Miller's Run Bridge. There is still some questions on what the town can do to prevent any further damages to bridge. Another issue the town is facing is not having a Planning Director.

The last Planning Director was Nicole Gratton when she resigned from the position last spring on Apil. Ever since then, the town has been trying to get someone to fill the position. On September, they had one candidate for the job, but as of right now, nothing has happened.