Vehicle Thefts Along Skyline Drive

LYNDONVILLE- A string of car thefts occured along Skyline Drive in Lyndonville.  Several cars were burgularized along this residential street and among the various items that were stolen were firearms. Some of the thefts were captured on video, but not all of them. The Lyndonville Police Department is asking for those who live in the Skyline Drive area that have Ring cameras on their homes to please review footage to help identify any suspicious activity that may have been caught on video. 

Chief Jack Harris of the Lyndonville Police Department noted that a rise in car thefts have not been observed in recent months, however he noted that every incident is not always reported when it occurs. He provided a community announcement on Facebook regarding these recent thefts that took place along Skyline Drive and then received additional reports of thefts that had not been previously called in after the Facebook post was made. 

Chief Harris is not only concerned with the apprehension of those responsible for these thefts, but the whereabouts of the firearms that had been taken. When asked what he thinks is influencing crime and the rise in thefts across the Northeast Kingdom, he pointed to drugs as being the primary reason. 

People will use drugs for many different reasons, but then they get hooked on them. To finance their drug habits, people turn to stealing items that they can sell for cash to pay for their drugs of choice that feeds their addictions. Chief Harris sees the drug addictions as fueling the crime that is taking place. Where there are people who seek drugs to feed their addictions, drug trafficking moves in to meet the needs of the addicted. With drug trafficking often leads to violent crime that is associated with the trafficking of illegal substances. Stolen firearms can resurface as tools used in violent crimes. 

All of this becomes a circle of criminal activity that feeds itself in a cyclic manner. The need for drugs to maintain an addiction can cause someone to look for things to steal to either trade for drugs, or to sell for cash which will be used to pay for drugs. The traffickers and the dealers of illegal substances encourage those who are addicted to do whatever they can to pay for the drugs that they are offering. Those who supply drugs are often willing to protect their operations by using deadly force against those who threaten their drug trafficking operations.

Chief Harris is encouraging everyone to lock their car doors at night, as well as when the vehicle is left unattended. Additionally, he advises to remove all items of value from a vehicle prior to leaving it parked. While this doesn't provide a hundred percent immunity from being targeted, it helps to not advertise valuable items to a potential thief, as well as a locked door hardens a target better than leaving a door unlocked for easy access. 

Anyone with additional information regarding the recent thefts along Skyline Drive, and particularly the stolen firearms, please reach out to Chief Jack Harris with that information at 802-626-1271.