Vermont State Dance Festival

LYNDON - Lyndon Institute hosted the annual Vermont State Dance Festival in their auditorium.  The Vermont State Dance Festival began in 2003 as a tour of all the Vermont high schools that featured dance programs the year prior. Throughout the years, the festival has welcomed dancers from other states such as New Hampshire, New York, and Massachusetts. This dance festival was founded by current LI dance teacher, Rebecca Mcgregor. The reason why she started doign this festival is because she wanted teachers and students to work together, learn from one another, and share knowledge and skills in their dance education.

"It brings us together to share in what we're doing; to collaborate in the art of dance", Rebecca stated.

The festival also gives dancers an opportunity to learn new dances of different genres and techniques from professionals and also showcase their skills and talent to other dance teachers. It is also gives new dancers a learning experience to those who have been doing this for a short period of time.

"This year was a lot of fun, but there was a ceratin magic to it last year because it was my first time doing it and I was just blown away by how much fun I loved trying different styles of dance and dancing with people I didn't know because normally I'm pretty shy; so I was just blown away by how much fun I had", stated Lyndon student Jazmine Bogie.