Lyndon(ville) merger

LYNDON - November 8th, 2022 could be a historic day in Lyndon as Town and Village residents vote to merge the two governments.

Or it could fail, like it did in 2007 during a special town meeting.  If approved the merger would make taxes equal for the town and village residents.

Town residents would see an increase in their tax rate, but village residents would see a decrease.
It would also combine highway staffs for more efficiency.

For government structure, one significant change is the loss of village trustees, and a larger selectboard.  

The community has mixed feelings on merging.

Town resident Kate Law said, "I'm going to vote for the merger, it's time."  While another town resident, Charlette Middleton, is concerned about her pocketbook, "the merger is going to raise our taxes.  We pay enough as it is so I'm against it."

If voted yes the merger, a new charter that would include these changes, will go on to the legislature for approval.