Coach of the Year

LYNDON - There are many people that we meet who have an impact on our life. For Lyndon Institute, Athletics Director and Head Girls Basketball Coach Eric Berry has done that.


"You never have to question how much effort he's putting in. He's always trying to think of new things to help the team out and he always puts us first which is awesome," LI Senior, Emma Renaudette said.

This year for the 2021, 2022 basketball season Eric Berry was awarded Coach of the year by the VBCA (Vermont Basketball Coaching Association.) Berry has been coaching for 25 years and just 2 years ago, he started coaching LI Girls basketball. The award is voted on by all of the Division 2 coaches from the state of Vermont. Berry credits his win to his peers and players that he has worked with.

"Our assistant coaches and our players are a large reason for this award coming to fruition," Berry said.

The game of basketball can be tough but it can also be rewarding at the same time, one of these rewards is life lessons. Coach has taught a big one that has stuck with everybody.

"We always start our basketball season with the same quote. We shell all hang together or shortly we shell hang separately," Berry said. Berry added,

"We all have to stick together. We all have to sacrifice our personal goals at times for the betterment of the team. That's what we're trying to relay here across the board in athletics," Berry said.

LI finished their season with a 17, 3 game streak. After the quarter finals where the girls lost, it was the words that Berry said that meant everything to Renaudette and her team.

"Coming off the court and just having him give you a hug and like, I'm proud of you. The words I'm proud of you coming from him meant the world to me," Renaudette said.

As for next year, Berry will be going into his 26th season and getting some new faces on the court.

"We have a lot of kids get quality time this year so we'll be reloading, not rebuilding," Berry said.