A Hard Taste of Vermont

LYNDONVILLE - The state of Vermont is well known for it's craft breweries and maple syrup, but it will also soon to be known for a hard seltzer company that will be located right here in the NEK. The idea was started by Matt Young and Bud Stevens of Lyndonville, and will feature locally made hard seltzers with a hint of Vermont's maple syrup.

"Seltzer is the trending beverage, it's the chosen of campus drink now for colleges. People are looking for something lighter or maybe a little less alcohol or beer," said Young.

Young says the key flavor for their products is Vermont fresh maple syrup. "It's what's gonna make us different," added Young.

While all seltzer drinks may include maple, there will be a variety of flavors for the community. These include: Maple raspberry, Orange Maple Cream sickle, and many other flavors.

The company will also feature a taste room where the public can try flavors before they buy them. Food will also be served along with the drinks. When a new flavor is released, Young says a food truck is being looked into for them to go out and sell products. You may not just find this local company in one location, Young hopes to make this a state wide deal and team up with other retailers in the state to provide a little taste of Vermont.

"I think it will be a positive reaction, I think most people will be glad to see local companies grow. We certainly welcome any new companies in the area, we do whatever we can to help sell their products," Jeff Cole, Lyndonville Redemption Owner said.

When permits are approved, the company hopes to open it's doors in a few months or July 4th. Hours will be limited potentially Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoons until 9. Prices for drinks are being looked at but Young says they will be fair and affordable.

Although permits are not yet set, Young is confident that the public will love it.

"We appreciate that the public has been really extremely supportive. We plan on being a part of the community and helping each other out and we really look forward to being a fixture in Lyndonville for years to come," Young said.