Kingdom East Lyndon Representatives

LYNDON-Town meeting day takes place the first day of March, although towns are not the only ones taking votes. Kingdom East School District is planning on adding their own ballot for voters to decide on various budgets reserved for it's schools. As well as asking voters to elect school officials. Three new Lyndon representatives are running for their place on the Kingdom East School District Board, and they all have something to offer.

Lindsay Carpenter is already an existing board member, but this will be her first time officially running for the position. She was appointed to fill in for someone back in September, and was more than willing to take the spot. "During my short time, I have learned all the issues that school board members have to address. Both good and not so good, and it requires taking some thought," Carpenter said. She feels this experience has brought her closer to her community, and her local schools.

Carpenter has lived in Vermont for the majority of her life, and decided to raise her family here. She feels Vermont has given her so much, including the school systems. That's ultimately why she decided to put her name on the ballot, so she can give back to the students that live here. "I work in most of the schools in this district with the professional work that I do. I am familiar with how each community is unique, and what makes them special. While I represent Lyndon, I also feel like I can give some insight to the other towns as well."

Carpenter does not have specific goals, but hopes she can help the board continue to provide support to the district as well as students and parents. "I am always open to having conversations and hearing their concerns. That doesn't mean we will always agree, but I believe in effective communication and listening to each other while being respectful." Carpenter also is asking voters if they would write in her friend Kelley Hever to the ballot who is running as a representative for Lyndon as well. "I know that she has a similar belief system that I do, believing in public education and supporting our kids."

"My name was not put on the ballot because my final decision to run was not made prior to the deadline," Hever said. Hever has been an active member in her community working in the medical field at Northern Vermont Regional hospital. As well as being a volunteer coach for the last five years to local sports teams. She says she is familiar with people who live in the towns, and thinks she can be a good advocate for those who live there.

"I am a good candidate because I am the kind of person who isn't afraid of hard work or asking the tough questions. I don't have a personal agenda, but instead want to focus on serving all the children by making sure every decision reflects all of their best interests, not just a select few." Hever expressed, she also feels this will help her with her own personal experience. "I feel this is a logical next step in expanding my reach." She believes her impact will help to improve the relationship between the board and the public.

"Currently I feel there is some lack of trust between the public and the school board. This distrust can cause a lot of non constructive pushback and create a them vs. us mentality. Tensions have been on the rise since the start of the pandemic, and I believe for some that tension rope has reached its limit." Hever says as a fellow parent she has felt these frustrations in the community as well, but wants all parties involved to have the same end goal. "Wanting what is best for our students. We are all on the same team."

Along with Carpenter lies another name on the ballot, that of Michael Codding. Codding has two grown children of his own, and raised his family here in Vermont. This is Codding's first time running for a seat on the board, and he has worked with several major manufacturers to fix their computers. Recently Codding has been taking some classes learning about the constitution and it made him realize he wanted to do more for his community.

"Freedom is not free, and it has to be maintained. Somebody has to maintain it, and it's up to the citizens who have been sleeping for years to do that." Codding expressed his concerns for the kind of learning environment students have been dealing with, and he doesn't want future generations to inherit ideas from a world he did not grow up in. "Not to say that when I grew up it was perfect. But we had a lot of freedoms, we trusted our government, and typical authority people, and today that trust seems to be eroded." Codding hopes he will be able to have an impact on how things are communicated to the public so that trust is established.

Voters are able to see where their town meeting polling locations are on the Kingdome East school district website, along with a copy of the school's ballot. All candidates running for Lyndon seats on the board will be in line for two open spots. All members of the public from all towns can vote for the postitions even if they do not live in Lyndon. Lindsay Carpenter and Michael Codding ended up winning the votes for a seat on the board.