Grant Boosts Nursing Program at NVU

Article Written By:  Quinlan Peer

LYNDONVILLE - Northern Vermont University-Lyndon will host an in person nursing program next year.  The program will open 60 new slots for nursing majors in the Vermont State College System which expands from Vermont Technical College's program.

"This grant will allow us to take a huge step forward to increase access to a critical occupation, nursing, in the Northeast Kingdom." said Interim NVU President John Mills

The new program will take place in the Vail Hall where the bookstore used to be, here there will be an instructional classroom, skill lab spaces and stimulation lab spaces.

The funding for the expansion came from the US Commerce's Economic Development Administration along with a sizeable gift from Lyndon alum Christian Mason.

"Vermont Technical College's nursing program has always been a critical piece in the states nurse education pipeline, Said Senator Leahy "This expansions an absolute need of the Northeast Kingdom."

"The nursing shortage is a problem," said Senator Saunders. "While we cannot increase enrollment overnight there are actions we can take that will allow school like NVU-Lyndon to bring students into the profession."

The expansion to the Lyndon will become the only in person learning possibility for nurses in the North East Kingdom.  This will help boost the amount of nurses in the area NVRH CEO hopes.

"Hopefully our hospital is the beneficiary of this pipeline down the road," said NVRH CEO Shawn Tester.  He went on to say that 20% of his staff has a degree from a VSCS college and he hopes with this new program there will be more to come.

With nurses retiring at a faster rate than expected the Northeast Kingdom and Vermont look to stay ahead of the curve.