Lyndonville FD Flooding Protocol

FloodingLYNDON- Roadways are back open after Tuesday nights heavy rain caused parts of the Passumpsic River and Millers Run Brook to flood.


Two to three inches of rain fell in parts of the Northeast Kingdom, here in Lyndonville, we saw some of the worst of it. Typical spots along Routes 122, 114, and Route 5 were underwater.

Prompting officials to close parts of the road. We caught up with the Lyndonville Fire Department, to see what their protocol is for when flooding events such as this one occur. 


 Assistant Fire Chief Patrick McLaughlin says that they typically will “utilize the National Weather Service Hydrology River Gauge up in East Haven. We monitor that throughout the day, making sure that we can kind of see where the river’s going, and we gotta make a judgment call based on what the impacts are going to be.” 


While these events differ storm by storm, one thing remains the same. Echoing what the National Weather Service states, McLaughlin stresses, remember, turn around don’t drown.