The Grindstone Cafe Expands

grindstoneLYNDONVILLE- Over the summer the Grindstone Cafe and Wellness Center expanded their shop-space significantly.

According to one of the center's owners, Sali Crow, the stars aligned for the project quite perfectly. "When we brought on Michele Wildflower who does CBD workshops, it really became crowded. So I spoke to my business partner Kim Crady-Smith and said, 'Hey I think we need to rent more space.' And literally the next day the land lady called us to say the people next door weren't renewing their lease. So we began June first, and the wall between the two spaces came down June 26th."

Since the expansion, the Grindstone has more cafe seating, two classroom spaces, a yoga space, and ten different practitioners. "We offer everything from reiki, to massage, to aura photography, psychic reading, herbalists, light therapy, and more," said Crow.

She went on to note the business's goal of becoming a gathering space for the community. Comparing the cafe to a ship, Crow discussed their role as a host for local artists and instructors. Most of the products sold in the space are small-bath, made by people from New Hampshire and Vermont. And with their local-driven business plan, they're able to offer affordable options to the community. "When we bring in workshops, we're making a percentage off of it. This makes it available for us to offer classes in different price ranges, and sell products in different price ranges, so we can support our local community."

Crow says she's seen a greater amount of traffic through the space since the expansion. "A lot of people make comments that they liked it before, but since it was so small it wasn't the most comfortable place to sprawl out and visit."

Moving forward, the cafe plans to utilize their new space in many ways. According to Crow, they've recently hired a marketing specialist in order to maintain a larger selection of workshops. They're also considering a beer and wine license, with the goal of staying open on the occasional Friday or Saturday night.

All in all, Crow and her team want to create a destination in downtown Lyndonville, as it's no secret that the area lacks a gathering space of the sort. "Our biggest goal is community. We want people to feel that they're welcome as long as they're not hateful."

Crow went on to note Witches High Tea, one of her favorite events hosted at the cafe, happening on October 13th. It will be a day dedicated to a series of workshops, including tea-leaf readings, psychic readings, a spirit gallery, and a costume contest.


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