Lyndon Rescue's Hunt Is Over

lyndon truckLYNDON-
After a 6 month search for a new ambulance truck Lyndon Rescue has finally found the truck for them. After ten years of loyal service Lyndon Rescue will be saying goodbye to their long time truck.


"We want to change our trucks before we have any issues because our trucks need to be on the road, they need to be going so we need to replace our vehicles so that we have a dependable vehicle to drive through." Said Pat McLaughlin of Lyndon Rescue.

The process wasn't short and quick and their main concern wasn't the truck it was what was the truck going to do for others.

"We formed a committee and decided of what do we want in a truck and whats going to benefit our providers and benefit patients."

After lots of discussion the committee decided on a truck that would best fit their needs.

"Now we've found a truck and we've gone and purchased it, now we just need to get it outfitted with the current equipment we have." McLaughlin went on to say.

The truck they will be receiving is bringing something much bigger to the table that the previous truck didn't.

"We did purchase an auto loader so now the stretchers will automatically be loaded into the backs, so our providers don't have to lift anymore.

With the finishing touches being put on to the truck Lyndon Rescue is just waiting to receive it and that could take from two weeks to several weeks.

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