Bringing Books Back to the Community

little libraries thumbnailLYNDONVILLE- The Foundry in Lyndonville was filled with hard work, wood work, and selflessness on Wednesday night as a group of locals gathered with one goal in mind: to build tiny libraries to put out in their communities. “Today I am here to build a tiny library that I can put on my street. I live in a town that has nothing except an old church and I think that education and reading is important. So I want to give books to my community,” said Diane Price, a participant in the workshop. 


 This was an AARP sponsored event, although the concept stemmed from a little library that popped up in Wisconsin back in 2009 and since then, the idea of putting little libraries has gone practically viral. 

With a decline in reading over the past decade or so, the need for putting books back into the community has been a tireless but worthy effort, that many are happy to commit to. “Knowledge is power and one of the best ways to get it is to read and to write and express yourself. Communicate with other people verbally and in written form,” said Price.

But the passion for books needed to be combined with a passion for wood-working in order to get the project complete as efficiently as possible. “I did a lot of the pre-work and set-up so on Monday night I was here until like 9:30 just cutting everything and pre-sizing stuff,” said Bowen Christopher.


Christopher was there primarily to help the event run as smoothly as possible and to aid those who weren’t so familiar with wood working, but nonetheless persisted in their want to help their community. Christopher helped Price to make her little library and she was more than grateful.“It’s been challenging but I’ve had excellent help… people have done a lot of work to make it easier for us,” said Price.  


In the end, both Price and Christopher agreed that combining their passions for the good of others was well worth the time and effort. “I just think that projects are important. Getting people to do things is really important…. especially if they can do something that they’re not really going to do on their free time but they get something cool at the end… Like I’m really into that,” said Chrisopher.


“I recommend it… it’s really fun and it helps other people…it’s good to be of service to others,” noted Price. 

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