David Anderson, Ville Furniture & Gallery

VilleFurnitureLYNDONVILLE— David Anderson opened Ville Furniture and Gallery in early April with the hopes to settle down and continue his passion for woodworking.
Anderson is a retired builder who, during his time as a professional, lived in several different areas around the world.

"I lived in Brazil for 11 years," said Anderson. "I also was a builder in Long Island for quite some time.


Before renting the store of the former location for H.O.P.E. on Depot Street, Anderson sold furniture on his friend's front lawn.

"We were selling furniture off site and one day I went in to G&M Kingdom realty to inquire about the store and I ended up renting it."

Ever since Anderson was a child, he loved working with wood. To this day, his passion has yet to burn out. On a typical business day, Anderson is often found in the back room of the store sawing, polishing and creating all types of furniture by hand.

"Right now I'm doing all of this by my own, running the shop and building at the same time," explained Anderson. "My girlfriend is going to be moving here soon and she'll be assisting me."

As far as marketing goes, Anderson plans to keep things old school, hoping he can catch the locals' attention.

"I don't have a Facebook page or anything, but I do plan on posting fliers all over town."

David Anderson, Ville Furniture and Gallery from NewsLINC on Vimeo.

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