M.O.W Driver

hyhThe Darling Inn in Lyndonville has had their Meals on Wheels program for a long time, their volunteers help people make meals and deliver to them, Malcolm Babras is one of the volunteer drivers, he and his wife have delivered food for four years. The only one reason made they decided to do this, is they think some people need help. Malcolm Babras:” It is my fourth year, it is all volunteer work. A lot people need help here they don’t get help so…”

Every weekday, he gets at Darling Inn early, after load meals he starts his work.
Malcolm:” I do Monday Tuesday Thursday and Friday on this road, Wednesday we take the local road, that I call “Bingo”.”

To make sure everyone can get their meals Malcolm take his list with him every time even he is such familiar with everyone.

“I always check them off, make sure they get it, sometimes two meals sometimes one, like this, they said four, so they get two for Saturday two for Sunday.” Malcolm said.

Although there have almost five months winter is Vermont, the bad weather and bad road condition cannot be the reason let them give up.

“well, if we get snow like tomorrow, we will have frozen meals take with us, here the lady has gone, but we got her permission to go inside put the meals in the freezer. I got stuck several time with the mud road with car even it is 4 wheels drive. Sometimes I park at the side of the road because I couldn’t get up there.” Malcolm said.

If you think they just deliver the food for aging people it is wrong, they also help people who live alone but get accident in their home. Just give them a call, they drive over to help you, it is all volunteer work and seems same day and day, but they never think it is boring.

“do I enjoy it? Yes I enjoy it, I don’t know what can I do eight hours, we need to leave very early and then people get their meals, for most everybody appreciate it.” Malcolm said.

M.O.W DRIVER from NewsLINC on Vimeo.

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